Winners chapel Sunday Teaching guidelines for November 2023

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Pre-Shiloh Encounter Service – Part 2

Teaching Topic:  Encounter with the Peace that Passes all Knowledge

Ezek. 34:25-26/ Jhn. 14:27

  • God cut a covenant of peace with mankind through the shed blood of Christ – Col. 1:20

That is; 

  • Peace like a river – Isa. 48:17-18
  • Great peace that puts a man at rest in the midst of the storm – Isa. 26:3/ Mak. 4:35-40
  • The order of peace that passes all knowledge – Phil. 4:7
    • Furthermore, peace is one of the vital fruits/ proofs of redemption – Gal. 5:22
  • The kingdom of God to which we belong is a kingdom of peace – Rom. 14:17/ Col. 1:13
  • According to scriptures, Jesus, the Prince of peace is the King of kings and Lord of lords in this kingdom – Isa. 9:6/ Rev. 19:16

What are the wonders embedded in this order of peace?

  1. This order of peace is the covenant platform for God to take over our battles because until we hold our peace, God cannot fight for us – Exo. 14:14
  2. God’s ever-abiding presence dwells in this realm of peace – Psa. 23:4/ Psa. 46:10

What must one do to experience this order of peace?

  1. Be born again – Gal. 5:22/ Jhn. 14:27
  2. Be filled with the Holy Ghost – Rom. 14:17
  3. Be committed to the study of the word – 2 Pet. 1:2/ Psa. 119:165
  4. Continue to keep your mind on God and His word –Isa.26:3/Gal. 3:1-2
  5. Be committed to following the leading of the Spirit – Isa. 48:17-18/ Psa. 23:1-6
  • However, it is important to note that most of the unrest of man is self-caused, for instance, when one puts pleasure ahead of labour, he finds himself under pressure
    – Pro. 21:16-17/ Pro. 24:27/ 1 Tim. 5:6

Jesus is Lord!


Pastors should Note:

While we shall be referring to praise, being the Theam of the month, by asking worshippers to be thankful and praiseful for the goodness and mercy of God in their lives since the year began, thereby committing God to fulfil the balance of his prophetic agenda for each one’s life before the year runs out; The Teaching out this Sunday shall be centered on covenant of Peace as here outlined, as we look forward to everyone returning with the baptism of peace that passes all knowledge.


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