Winners Chapel since September 17, 1983 (Major Events and Church Growth)


September 17, 1983 The Commission
The Founder was commissioned into full-time ministry in a service in which Pastor E. A. Adeboye General Overseer, Redeemed Church of God ministered
The Ilorin Centre started with a two bedroom office rented at the cost of #100 (One hundred naira) monthly in 1983.

December 11, 1983
Living Faith Church : The journey begins
The first Living Faith Church was planted. It started at No. E.E. 5 Ramat Close, Ungwan Rimi, a suburb of Kaduna.

April 7, 1985
The Word Explosion
The first two books authored by the founder, David O. Oyedepo, the Law of Faith and the Miracle Seed, were dedicated during the Easter Convention of the church held at Queen Amina College, Kaduna, Nigeria. Today, about 70 titles have been published by the same author with well over 10million copies in circulation.

September 1986
Word of Faith Bible Institute
Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) commenced her training programmes in Kaduna. Today, Word of Faith Bible Institute runs training centers in every major city and town of Nigeria and about 60 other countries of the world.

May 24, 1987
The Church Network
Church Spread (planting) Mandate took off with the first five new churches planted in the Northern part of Nigeria namely, Maiduguri, Biu, Mubi, Azare and Bauchi. Today, the little mustard seed has grown to over 6,000 local assemblies in Nigeria alone with about 1000 churches planted on the 5- major continents of the Earth.

September 17, 1988
The Bishop
Pastor Oyedepo was consecrated Bishop in Kaduna, Nigeria by Archbishop Benson Idahosa

September 24, 1989
The Lagos Church
The Lagos church, another product of a heavenly vision called ‘Winners Chapel’, started at No. 1A, New Era Road, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos

December 5, 1992
Dominion Publishing House (DPH) a reality
Dominion Publishing House was officially commissioned at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos.

December 6, 1992
The Raji Oba Church
Winners Chapel, Lagos, moved from 1A, New Era Road to a newly acquired 2.3 Acres property – An abandoned Motel facility on 38, Raji Oba Street, Alimosho, Iyana Ipaja where the renowned Winners Complex was built.

May 23, 1993
Bishop David Abioye
Pastor David Abioye was concecrated Bishop in Maiduguri, Nigeria

May 4, 1994
African Gospel Invasion Programme : The African Church Network
The African Gospel Invasion Programme (AGIP) was inaugurated

January 15, 1995
AGIP Phase 1
The African Gospel Invasion Programme (AGIP) commenced her first phase with six African nations namely, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Congo Kinshasa

December 5, 1995
Dominion Sanctuary
Dedication of the Kaduna Church called Dominion Sanctuary – a 4,000 seat capacity sanctuary built on a 13-acre property at Central part of the city

December 30, 1995
Winners Complex, Raji Oba
Dedication of Winners’ Complex at 38, Raji Oba Street, Iyana Ipaja, Alimosho, Lagos with facilities which include – A 3,000 seat capacity church auditorium with 16-hall overflow and a 7-floor office tower. A beautiful sight to behold indeed

DPH Honoured
Dominion Publishing House won an Ecowas Gold Award

September 22, 1996
Taking the mission to the Globe
The ministry dedicated her 8 Seater Hawker Sydney 400B executive jet ,for the propagation of the Gospel across the globe

The church conducted daily services throughout the year (except on Saturdays) based on Acts 2:46 and Acts 5:42

June 1998
The Certificate of Occupancy of 560 acres of land was presented to the church in what was to be known as Canaanland

August 29, 1999
Welcome to Canaanland
Ground breaking service held at Canaanland (the ministry’s 560-acre land) for the construction of Faith Tabernacle (Shiloh), Faith Academy (Moriah) and other great facilities with a start off amount of N120m.

Sept 1998
Bishop Oyedepo declares that the 50,000 capacity auditorium will be completed in 12 months to the amazement of the Raji-Oba congregation.
Inauguration of the 1,000 man choir in preparation for the new and bigger auditorium

Dec 1998
First ever service in uncompleted Faith Tabernacle with 1,000 man choir ministering.

July 1999
Amidst fears that the tabernacle would not be completed as prophesied, Bishop Oyedepo declares ‘Two months, too much’
September 13, 1999 — September 18, 1999
The first prophetic convocation of Winners’ worldwide called Shiloh.

September 18, 1999
Welcome to Faith Tabernacle
The historic 50,000-seat auditorium, Faith Tabernacle, was dedicated after barely 12 months of construction

September 18, 1999
The Largest Church Auditorium
The historic 50,000-seat auditorium Faith Tabernacle reputed to be the largest church auditorium in the world was dedicated and started with one service on Sundays.

October 2, 1999
Lagos Church (Raji Oba) closed down for sunday services.

October 25, 1999
Faith Academy: Breeding a new people
The first secondary school, a full boarding school, established by the church called Faith Academy, Canaanland, Ota- Lagos was dedicated where her pioneer students were received. Today we have over 20 secondary schools within Nigeria

December 11, 1999
The time of Bishops
Consecration of seven Bishops to head seven dioceses of the church in Nigeria.

February 17, 2000
Project Hebron
An Advisory council on the take-off of Covenant University was set up.
2000*Family day amazingly attracted 80,000 people in Faith Tabernacle, first time the Church will witness such attendance in a Sunday service.

MISSION TO THE WORLD, a project to plant churches outside Africa started in 2001, with the first branch in London, England.
Transportation: The little start: purchase of 20 mini-buses to convey worshippers to and from the church.

September 30, 2001
Transportation: And the little became great
Purchase of 87 comfortable six-wheeler luxury buses, with the capacity to ferry 6,090 worshippers at once.

December 30, 2001
Presidential Honor
The President, Federal Republic of Nigeria worshipped at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota.

January 27, 2002
Covenant University: Ground breaking
The ground breaking of Covenant University took place at Canaanland.

February 12, 2002
Covenant University: Licensed
Covenant University was licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

April 2002
Covenant University: Construction
Intensive construction of buildings and structures commenced fully at the Covenant University Permanent site in Canaanland.

October 21, 2002
Covenant University was dedicated in a grand service as she welcomed her 1500 strong pioneer students after about 7 months of construction.

January 13, 2003
Kingdom Heritage Model Schools : Where lives are nurtured
Kingdom Heritage Nursery and Primary School came to life.

June 2004
The Rebellion in Accra, Ghana. Another Regional headquarter immediately established.

June 16, 2004
Aircraft 2
Arrival of newer and bigger Aircraft 5N-PTL (Praise The Lord) to replace the former one-5N-WMA (World Mission Agency).

August 2004
Empowerment Summit : Africa
Empowerment Summits across Africa commenced

February 28, 2005
Covenant University: speedy accreditation
CU records unprecedented Accreditation of 16 academic programmes presented to NUC. Covenant Declared best private University in Nigeria for the first time in less than 4 years of establishment.

December 2006
During Shiloh, Church announces her 25 year vision to establish six more universities in Nigeria and other African countries. 3 more in Nigeria and 3 in other countries namely Kwara, Abuja, Cross-River, Ghana, Congo DR and Kenya. A total of 140 secondary schools and over 5,000 nursery/primary schools.

Construction begins at second university-LANDMARK

June 2008
Another aircraft, a Challenger-600 Aircraft with marking-N664D was acquired by the church during the global recession.

January 17, 2009
2nd Service at Faith Tabernacle
2nd service commences at Faith Tabernacle

March 2009
3rd Service at Faith Tabernacle
3rd service kicks off at Faith Tabernacle

December 2009
With about 700 branches, Church begins aggressive planting of branches all over Nigeria and Africa.

September 2010
Commissioning of the drafting committee for the making of a constitution/operational manual for the Living Faith church Worldwide.

October 2, 2010
Goshen City : The Dedication
Dedication of New Church Campus. built on a 740-acre property named Goshen City, at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja was dedicated with a 15,000-seat capacity sanctuary, primary and secondary schools, staff housing estate and more

Nov 2010
Church branches increase to 2,500

February 13, 2011
4th Service at Faith Tabernacle
Church acquires 5 acres of college facility in Greenwood, Kent near London, England and church facilities in New York costing millions of dollars.

March 7, 2011
Landmark University
The License to operate Landmark University was issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria at Abuja to the church

March 19, 2011
Landmark University: Breaking new Grounds
Landmark University, the second University, of the church located at Omu Aran, Kwara State, Nigeria (unlike her 5 contemporaries) resumed immediately after being licensed and received her 945 pioneer students drawn from across the nation and from 8 different nations of Africa. About $100m had been spent on constructions at inception and $3m on scholarships.

May 1, 2011
Workers Day
The Commission records over 30,000 staff on the 30th anniversary of the Liberation Mandate

November 2011
Church branches grow by over 2,000 all over the world in 2011

June 2012
Covenant University announces vision 1 in 10 of 10

September 7, 2012
Church Constitution: The MANDATE, operational manual of the church clearly spelling out doctrines and history of the church as well as administration and succession was commissioned. Constitution was silent on ordination of new Bishops.

Oct 2012
CU celebrates 10 years of existence
Dec 2012
Church lists over 5,000 branches in Nigeria alone and over 600 in foreign countries, totaling about 6,000

Jan 2013
At the end of annual January prayer and fasting, “Prayer-Reach”, a weekly outreach to spread the gospel and invitation by members is announced.

February 2013-Covenant University declared best university in Nigeria and 15th in Africa by webometrics.

April 20, 2013
Dedication of New Church Campus with Kenyan Vice President William Ruto present. Built on a 15 acre property named Wonderland, at Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa, the Church was dedicated with a 15,000-seat capacity sanctuary to become the largest church auditorium in East and Central Africa.

May 2013
About 60 churches planted in hinterland Lagos

June 2013
Renovation work on Faith Tabernacle began. Project budget was N3 billion ($18.75m). Other renovation and building projects for the year totaled N16 Billion ($100m)

July 28, 2013
As a result of “Prayer-Reach’, church experiences multiplications in attendance. About 50,000 increase in Canaanland alone. Church records 190,000 attendance during Sunday services

August 2013
Faith Tabernacle service schedule adjusted to make way for a 5th service on Sundays






7. Acquires Helicopter 5N-BQY for local missionary trips


*Economic benefits of the church as listed by the BBC in 2013.
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) announced that Ota experiences more sales on Sunday than the rest of the week (Mondays to Saturdays) joined together.

December 2013-David Oluwamakinde Oyedepo ministers for the first time at Shiloh.

February 2015-President Goodluck Jonathan visits Faith Tabernacle.
March 2015-Morris Cerullo visits Canaanland.

May 2015-Church commences ‘Wonder Double’ Outreach phase based on prophecy.

July 2015-Church commences 5th service.

October 2015-Attendance on Sunday hits 400,000 for the first time.

December 2015-David Oyedepo Jnr becomes Resident Pastor at Faith Tabernacle.

January 2016-Overflow tents erected for 52,000 people outside Faith Tabernacle Auditorium.

November 2016-Air Conditioner installed in Faith Tabernacle.

December 2016-Sale of Canaan City Houses begin

January 2017-Church commences construction of Canaancity and 100,000 capacity Faith Theatre.

May 2017-36th Anniversary of the Mandate and third visit of Kenneth Copeland.

December 2017-Church’s Dominion Publishing House begins massive production of Bibles in fully established ultra-modern printing press with machines from Germany.

February 2018-Mummy Oyedepo celebrates 60th Birthday Anniversary.

May 2018-37th Anniversary of the Liberation Mandate.

September 2018-Operation By All Means!
In continuation of the Wonder Double Prophecy of May 2015.

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