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From President, LFCW
To All Mission Stations 
Subject Prophetic Focus for February 2024
Date 4th February, 2024



Fortune 2024 greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


As already declared, we have the following prophetic lifelines for the delivery of fortune 2024 agenda for every Winner and these includes:

  • 2024 shall be a year of unending shouts of joy as we continue to favour His righteous course –                             Psa. 35:27 
  • 2024 shall be a year of fearful favour for every winner as we continue to take pleasure in the matters of the kingdom – Psa. 102:13-15 
  • 2024 shall be a year of all-round rest as every Winner enters and sustains his place in the covenant of stewardship – 2 Chr. 15:12-15 
  • 2024 shall be a year of supernatural enlargement for every winner as we keep giving thanks and praise to God in and out of season – Isa. 54:1-4/ 2Tim. 4:2 
  • In 2024 this commission shall be stepping into fearful realms of breakthrough as we continue to walk in the light of scriptures in 2024 – Jhn. 12:35/ Eph. 5:8


In the same vein, fortune 2024 prophetic lifelines for the Church are as follows:

    • Minimum double the current size of every local assembly before the end of the first half this year. 
    • Minimum double the current number of Home Cells both in attendance and number of WSF locations on or before end of the first half of 2024. 
  • Personal engagement shall count the most this year as always. As we all know, God does not bless, reward, promote or favour groups but individuals. Ex.23:25-26/ 1 Cor.3:8/ Jn.12:26

Therefore, everyone of us that chooses to serve God faithfully this year shall be brought into the realm of fortune. Job 36:11


Furthermore, in the course of the just concluded prayer and fasting, I received the following prophetic alerts:

  • Mind my agenda and I will take over your own affairs – Psa. 35:27
  • Mind the agenda of my kingdom on earth and I will take over your affairs in life – Psa. 102:13-15
  • Give me a priority place in your life and you will secure my priority attention that will lead to your enviable decoration in life – Mat. 6:33/ Mat. 19:27-29
  • Seek first the promotion of my kingdom in righteousness and it will be your launching pad to a world of exploits – Mat. 6:28-33/ Dan. 11:32/ 1Tim. 1:19
  • If you will stay committed to advancing my kingdom, you have committed me to your continuous advancement in life –    1Sam. 13:14/ 1Sam. 17:27-30/ 1Chro. 1:19

 All we need to experience fulfilment of prophetic word is to believe and prove that we do by engaging with the instructions that accompany them – Jer. 33:20-21/ Jam. 2:18

Therefore, the prophetic focus for the month of February 2024 is:

Whatever God can do, faith can make happen – Luk 1:45.

Recommended books of the month authored by me includes:

*Unlimited power of Faith *The Turnaround power of Faith * Exploits of Faith * Born to win                            *The lifestyle of faith (by Bishop David Abioye)

Remain ever blessed.  

Jesus is Lord!

Bishop David O. Oyedepo 

By Matex

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