Why is ClickBank not allow in Nigeria

ClickBank does not allow users from Nigeria to register on its platform due to regulatory and compliance issues. This is not due to internet fraud, as some people have speculated.

ClickBank is a digital marketplace where merchants can sell digital products and affiliates can promote those products in exchange for a commission. ClickBank is responsible for processing payments and distributing commissions to affiliates.

In order to operate in a country, ClickBank must comply with the financial regulations of that country. Nigeria has a number of restrictions on international payments and banking transactions, which makes it difficult for ClickBank to operate there.

In addition, ClickBank has had problems with fraud in Nigeria in the past. This includes affiliates using spam and other unethical marketing practices to promote ClickBank products.

As a result of these challenges, ClickBank has decided not to allow users from Nigeria to register on its platform.

However, there are a number of other affiliate marketing platforms that Nigerians can use. Some of these platforms include:

* WarriorPlus
* JVZoo
* Commission Junction
* ShareASale
* Impact Radius

These platforms offer a variety of digital products that Nigerians can promote, and they all have different requirements for users.

If you are a Nigerian affiliate marketer, I encourage you to research the different platforms available and choose one that is right for you.

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