Pastor Sola Osunmakinde at Mercy Conference 2024 The Resurrection Household of David || 1st February 2024.

We give God all the glory! Again thank God for men like this in our generation. You know? I, it got to a point yesterday. Sincerely the only time I wanted to cry was when I saw it – Display of love from brethren and I said it yesterday and I’m saying it again. Correct that narrative out there that there is no love in the Body of Christ, it’s not true. It is not true! People say that even among Christians, there’s no (love). I saw love, I just looked through my phone now also I saw Dr. Mike Bamiloye send in…

People I have never met. Reverend Sam Olu Alo is a CAC Prophet, I’ve never met him, I got a message and a huge amount from him. 

And then, God bless Pastor Jerry Eze, he sent something unusual this afternoon. Pastor Bolaji, Pastor Andy Osakwe. Now, Daddy Wale Oke called me today, Bishop Taiwo Adelakun in Ibadan. Different people, fathers I can’t mention. I woke up this morning with a call from Pastor Tunde Bakare, different people! People I’m not very close to, people that I haven’t seen in four, five years, getting a call. I just saw online a Church raising prayer for Household of David, not a familiar Church.

Even some men of God took it upon themselves to put up that they (Household of David) are now, the meeting goes up and they will be using Daystar. God is awesome. When Pastor Nath called, when Minister Dunsin called, when Pastor Victoria called, I almost started crying. They just laughed and said some things Scripturally and I just paused. Then, I saw your message and I was just like: ‘Wow’!

This is love! Minister Dunsin refused to let us accommodate him, he dodged and dodged till now, it will shock you that the Church protocol don’t know where they are staying. He just said: ‘You will see us at the Hall’! He said: ‘Don’t just bother yourself about anything’! Thanks! And I saw again that he put up the Church’s account on his page and I mean, this is! You know? You will just ask yourself that, in this Nation where we don’t care but people! 

We have Pastor Yemi David in the House! Saturday morning, he said: ‘From the beginning to the end on Saturday, overloaded’. We don’t know how much Daystar will bill us but they won’t, I don’t know whether there will be a break on Saturday. You know?

There’s a company managing this Place and actually, we paid some amount and you know? And they said: 4 hours in the day, 4 hours in the night and that if you exceed that time, this and this. We shall exceed on Saturday and we will pay, when you pay for something good you don’t regret it. From the moment I came in here, this Hall has been calling us but if Reverend Sam catches us (Laughing).

But this is a beautiful place that can inspire you. So all of you in HOD (Household of David), you can see what we are talking about now. Maybe that’s why you are here, is just to see! Pastor Lawrence talked about that: Conceive the picture and then take it to another level. This is a good place to be. Thank you everybody.

Pastor Yemi, thank you, Sir. I would like Pastor to close, he just said he will be here tonight even though his session is not tonight. We are honoured Sir.


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