What is the meaning of ‘Ebenezer’ in the Bible?


There as been so many speculation as touching the Word EBENEZER, especially as touching the meaning in Christianity, today we will take a good look into the bible and see what it means and what happened to led to the Word Ebenezer, many people are looking for the meaning of the Word, Ebenezer. If you’re one of them you’re in the right place.

The origins of the name “Ebenezer” actually trace back to the Bible, specifically to the book of 1 Samuel 7.

1 Samuel 7 tells the story of a pivotal moment in Israel’s history during the time of the judges. Under the leadership of the prophet Samuel, Israel experienced a spiritual revival, It was so profound and indeed a time of reawakening for them.

The nation repented of their sins, destroyed their idols, and earnestly sought the Lord (1 Samuel 7:2–4). Samuel, recognizing the need for communal repentance, gathered the people at Mizpah, where they openly confessed their sins. Samuel then offered a sacrifice on their behalf (verses 5–9).

However, even in this time of repentance and renewal, the enemy was not idle. As Samuel was in the midst of sacrificing a burnt offering, the Philistines launched an attack against Israel (1 Samuel 7:10). In response, the Israelites rallied to defend their land.

In a remarkable turn of events, God intervened supernaturally: “That day the LORD thundered with loud thunder against the Philistines and threw them into such a panic that they were routed before the Israelites” (verse 10).

This victory over the Philistines was not merely a minor triumph; it was a resounding success. Many cities that had previously fallen into Philistine hands were now restored to Israel, and it was a long time before the Philistines dared to invade again (1 Samuel 7:13–14). To commemorate this divine intervention and victory, Samuel took a stone and set it up as a memorial between Mizpah and Shen. He named it “Ebenezer,” a name that signifies “stone of help.” Samuel proclaimed, “Thus far the LORD has helped us” (verse 12).

The significance of “Ebenezer” went beyond just a marker. Whenever an Israelite passed by the stone erected by Samuel, it served as a tangible reminder of the Lord’s power and protection. This “stone of help” stood as a testament to the spot where the enemy had been defeated and God’s promise to bless His repentant people had been fulfilled. Indeed, the Lord had been their help all the way to Ebenezer.

In summary, the name “Ebenezer” carries a profound biblical significance, originating from a pivotal moment in Israel’s history when God intervened and delivered them from their enemies. It serves as a reminder that, in times of repentance and reliance on the Lord, He is our ultimate source of help and deliverance.


How to use Ebenezer today?


You need to realize this name was given to God, to describe what he did in favour of his people and in defeat of their enemy.

The significance of the Victory today is to reassure you that we serve the God who is never at the mercy of the enemy, but who is able and equal to the task, a God who is able to subdue to destroy the enemy to a total defeat and redeem his people in any situation where they may find themselves, no matter where you may be, all across the world, if you belong to God, you can be sure and you can trust him enough that he will give you victory any day and any time you call upon his name, because he is faithful and he is able.

You can always call upon his name as Ebenezer, he is our stone of help, he is our helper in time of need, he is our rock of ages and we can confidently depend on his unfailingly ability to prevail at all time.

No matter the confrontation of your life, no matter the magnitude of the storm, always remember GOD IN HEAVEN, THE ONE CALLED EBENEZER is on your side and he is able to turn the table in your favour, call upon his name and he will answer you and grant you victory in Jesus name.

Conditions to Experience God a ‘Ebenezer”


  1. Belong to God: give your life to Christ and belong to God genuinely, before Israel experience the victory, they repent of their old ways and turn back to God, their repentance gave access to their intervention. If you want God to defend you and defeat your opposition, then you must belong to him, the bible says, “Submit yourself unto God“. This is a major requirement to experience the help of God.
  2. Call Upon his Name: If You will call upon his name, then you can be sure he will answer you, the bible says; “Call unto me and I will answer you Jer 33:3”. If you will call upon God in trouble and in the midst of your chaos, you can be sure that he will answer you and step in to rescue you, the bible says for everyone that asketh receiveth, if you will ask God in faith, he will answer you and give you the intervention you desire.
  3. Raise an Altar of Sacrifice : This is yet another secret to experience God has Ebenezer, raise an altar of sacrifice, this was what Samuel did which provoked divine intervention for the Israelite, all through scriptures’, we have seen instances where people of God raised an altar of sacrifice in the direction of their desire and that provoked divine intervention, Life is governed by principled and the kingdom of God is a highly principled kingdom, if you desire God to manifest himself as Ebenezer in your life, raise an altar of sacrifice, this might not just be for the defeat of the enemy, it can also be for provision or divine intervention in the area of your desire. Sacrifice means, giving to God that which cost you something. This is the meaning of Sacrifice,  the cost is what makes it a sacrificial giving.
  4. Praise God: The bible says; ‘God inhabit the praises of his people‘ (Psalm 22:3). If you will offer Praises and worship to God even in the midst of your challenges, you will see God manifesting himself in amazing ways in your life, only if you will dare to give God the praise and the glory. Most times believers give God the glory and praise in the midst of their victory and triumph, but from scriptures’ we see the times when God stepped in, for his people in the midst of their troubles through the weapons of praise and worship, it happened to Paul and Silas, while they sang and praise God in the midnight, God stepped in, the prison doors were shaken and blasted open, this is God manifesting himself as ‘Ebenezer, Our helper. Any time you are confronted and seems to be losing out in battle, cry out God in Praise and Worship and his presence and Glory will step in for you.

God bless you in Jesus name, don’t ever forget, God is able to do in our days and time what he did in the bible days, because JESUS is the same yesterday, today and forever, he as never changed and he will never change glory be to his name forever.

Written by Pastor Matthew Akanni.


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