What are the best Private Universities in Lagos ?


Top-Ranking Private Universities in Lagos: A Comprehensive Overview

Lagos State, Nigeria’s commercial hub, boasts a thriving educational landscape, and its private universities are no exception. These institutions, established by individuals, religious organizations, and entities, have emerged as centers of academic excellence and innovation. Among the notable private universities in Lagos are Pan Atlantic University, Anchor University, Caleb University, Augustine University, and Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences (EKOUNIMED). This article delves into the factors that earned them their esteemed positions in the academic arena.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Private Universities in Lagos

Determining the best private universities in Lagos necessitates a meticulous assessment across various dimensions. These criteria include research and academic accomplishments, citations, alumni achievements, accolades, historical prestige, graduate employability, and global outreach. In addition, the rankings provided by renowned international institutions play a pivotal role in assessing these institutions’ prominence. Here is a detailed examination of each of these top private universities in Lagos, along with insights into their fee structures.

1. Pan-Atlantic University Lagos

  • Established: 2002
  • Location: Lekki, Lagos State
  • Average Tuition: ₦3 million per session

Pan-Atlantic University, formerly known as the Lagos Business School (LBS), metamorphosed into a full-fledged university in 2002, with LBS as its inaugural school. The institution’s commitment to nurturing talent spans various domains, offering certification courses, degrees, postgraduate programs, and conferences.

Pan-Atlantic University encompasses several undergraduate schools, including the School of Media and Communication (SMC), the School of Management and Social Sciences (SMSS), and the School of Science and Technology (SST). It also offers postgraduate programs such as the Postgraduate Diploma Programme, Masters Programmes, and Doctorate Programmes.

Renowned for its global perspective, Pan-Atlantic University has hosted distinguished speakers, including former British Prime Minister David Cameron and corporate leaders like Victoria Uwadoka and Morayo Afolabi-Brown.

The institution’s accolades include rankings among the top universities in Nigeria, recognition by the Financial Times, Entrepreneurial University Awards, and Filex Awards for Innovation. Furthermore, research endeavors from Pan-Atlantic University have garnered citations and found publication in reputable journals and platforms like ResearchGate.

Tuition fees vary based on the specific program and year of study, ranging from ₦2.7 million to ₦3.8 million for undergraduate students and ₦1.8 million to ₦8 million for postgraduate students. The university also offers flexible payment options, allowing students to pay either per session or by semester.

Notable alumni include actress Kemi Lala Akinkpoju, TV host and filmmaker Chude Jideonwo, broadcaster Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi, and entrepreneur Olalekan Sipasi.

2. Anchor University, Ayobo Lagos

  • Established: 2014 (NUC approval in 2016)
  • Location: Ayobo-Ipaja, Lagos State
  • Average Tuition: ₦650,000

Anchor University, affiliated with the Deeper Life Church, has garnered approval from the National Universities Commission (NUC) since its establishment in 2014. Initially comprising three faculties, the institution expanded to four faculties, which encompass the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Science and Science Education, Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, and Faculty of Law.

Offering a spectrum of degrees, professional certificates, and postgraduate courses, Anchor University has fostered collaborations with Nigerian and international academic institutions, including Anderson University, South Carolina, to bolster its academic prowess.

The institution has achieved notable milestones, exemplified by its students’ victory in the Science and Technology Research Competition organized by the Lagos State Science Research and Innovation Council (LASRIC) for tertiary institutions in March 2023.

Tuition fees at Anchor University vary by program, with basic tuition for 100-level students ranging from ₦219,000 to ₦840,000, excluding additional charges like registration and medical screening fees. For international students, the total fees amount to $3,000.

3. Caleb University Lagos

  • Established: 2007
  • Location: Imota, Lagos State
  • Average Tuition: ₦400,000

Caleb University Lagos (CUL) has consistently ranked among the top 10 most sought-after private universities in Nigeria, occupying the 52nd position in national university rankings. Founded in 2007, the institution comprises six faculties housing 27 undergraduate programs and nine postgraduate degree programs.

CUL offers students the flexibility to pay tuition fees per semester or per session. Semester fees start at ₦200,000, while session fees exceed ₦400,000, varying based on the program and academic level.

4. Augustine University

  • Established: 2008 (NUC approval in 2015)
  • Location: Igbonla Road, Epe, Lagos
  • Average Tuition: ₦400,000 per session

Augustine University, guided by the motto “Pro Scientia Et Moribus” (For Learning and Character), commenced its journey in 2008 and received NUC approval in 2015. Situated in Ilara-Epe, Lagos State, the institution houses four faculties: Humanities, Management, and Social Sciences (FAHUMSS); Science (FACUS); Engineering (FACE); and Basic Medical and Health Sciences (FABMEHS).

The university provides a diverse range of postgraduate programs, including Post Graduate Diploma (PGD), Master of Science (M.Sc.), and Ph.D., alongside certified and professional courses, including ICAN.

Augustine University has earned accolades and recommendations, notably receiving the Beacon of Hope for Africa Development award from the African Youth Initiative, acknowledging its contributions to youth development and educational growth.

Tuition fees at Augustine University range from ₦200,000 to ₦816,000, contingent on the program, level, and additional charges like accommodation and medical examination fees, resulting in a total fee ranging from ₦800,000 to ₦1.4 million per session.

5. Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences (EKOUNIMED)

  • Established: 2017
  • Location: Badagry Exp, Ojo, Lagos
  • Average Tuition: ₦1 million per session

Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences, established in 2017 by Dr. Ibraheem Hameed, holds the distinction of being the first privately owned medical university in Nigeria and West Africa. The institution offers various programs, including Medicine and Surgery, Anatomy, Medical Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and Physiology.

For newly admitted 100-level students in the medical university, the total fees, including basic fees and other charges, amount to ₦3,017,500 per session. Tuition fees for 200-level direct entry and returning students (from levels 200 to 600) are currently under review.

In conclusion, Lagos boasts a rich tapestry of private universities, each contributing significantly to the educational landscape of Nigeria. These institutions not only provide quality education but also offer diverse academic opportunities and foster a culture of excellence and innovation.

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