Bishop David Oyedepo

In the year 2010, we began our work on the biography of God’s Servant, Bishop David Oyedepo. Our goal was to publish it on his 60th birthday in September 2014. However, we soon realized that his life, testimonies and records despite the awesomeness was just starting and decided to allow it cool and intensify our documentation and record keeping till he clocked 70. We have since found that we took the right decision.

While we were meticulously documenting that, we proceeded with our book on Archbishop Benson Idahosa and we can now tell you without mincing words that the 700 page book which will be the best and we dare to say the most comprehensive book ever written on ‘BA’ will be published on his post humous 86th birthday.

Back to the point…even though Church Gist broke the news of Pastor Isaac’s Ministry on 25th October 2023, it was another situation we had always anticipated but never in that dimension.

By divine revelation, God had shown us that Pastor David Junior will minister at Shiloh 2013, by revelation, we were also shown that Pastor David would become Resident Pastor at the Faith Tabernacle afterwards among others that we were privileged to see…but nothing had been shown concerning Pastor Isaac and as such we began to follow him closely. It would interest you to know that the first event ever covered was Pastor Isaac’s wedding in 2010.

In all these, we want to thank God for the heart God gave his servant, Bishop Oyedepo. What happened on Tuesday 28th November 2023 is groundbreaking in the annals of Christian history and we appreciate God that we were privileged to document it for posterity.

We have visited many churches, we have carried our research on many ministries, we have followed many servants of God but the kind of things we see with Bishop Oyedepo are usually inexplicable.

Bishop Oyedepo first came on our radar when he was consecrated ‘Lord Bishop’ to our ‘distaste’ in 1988 ????
Second time was when he displayed the model of the proposed Garden of Faith at the Kongo Conference Hotel in Zaria in 1989. Next was at the Charity and Faith Missions aka Victory Assembly behind UBA opposite ABU North Gate, Zaria in 1991 when on the invitation of Prof and Mrs Ishaya AUDU, he ordained pastors and deacons with the message ‘WINNING WITHOUT SWEAT’.’

It took another unplanned visit to the Garden of Faith now dedicated on 1st June 1996 as well as a visit to the all night service in April 1997 where he preached on ‘Breaking the Curses of Life’ to appreciate what God was calling us to do with regards to this ‘man like a nation’ and this Ministry which even the vilest haters call a Kingdom ‘Empire’.

We salute God’s Servant today and pray that the oil remains ever fresh.

Sir, we love you and we congratulate you specially today. Every word you speak comes out like pure refined gold and will remain so. God bless you and thank you Sir.

For God’s servant, Bishop Oyedepo to release Pastor Isaac into ministry with the fatherly blessings, shows his heart of love and value for God’s will and the progress of the purpose of God above human relevant and desires, not every Pastors with that n=magnitude of impact and influence would find it comfortable to release a useful spiritual son, which also doubles as  biological Son of Bishop, to go and do the work God as called him to do.

No doubt, Bishop Oyedepo is a rare breed, he is an uncommon man, with uncommon insight and spiritual understanding that puts him in a class of his own, he is one of the few God’s general in the world today that leads while other ministers learn and follow in his footsteps, so many Pastors have the mindset that Bishop will set his sons as the next leader or genera overseer of his ministry (Living Faith Church), but by releasing Pastor Isaac, he just proved to them that the opposite his the case, because God is the one at work, he is the leading and he must be followed keenly, so that his perfect will can be done, To God be all the glory.

We pray that Pastor Isaac will succeed and excel in his next line of action and in Ministry, in Jesus name, amen.

By Matex

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