WAEC Introduces CBT for SSCE


The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) made a groundbreaking announcement on Monday, signaling a paradigm shift in the assessment methodology for the Senior School Certificate Examination. In an official statement signed by Moyosola Adesina, the acting head of the Public Affairs Unit of WAEC, the council revealed its decisive move away from the traditional paper and pencil test model to embrace the more technologically advanced Computer-Based Test (CBT) mode.

This strategic decision, as articulated in the released statement, is scheduled to take effect with the commencement of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination for private candidates in February 2024. The adoption of the CBT mode represents a significant departure from conventional examination practices and underscores WAEC’s commitment to aligning with global best practices in educational assessment.

The statement emphasizes that the transition to computer-based examinations is in line with international standards, reflecting a concerted effort by the Nigeria National Office of WAEC to enhance the examination process. The move is driven by a recognition of the evolving landscape of education and the imperative to equip students with skills relevant to the digital age.

The WAEC Nigeria National Office aims to keep the public and all stakeholders well-informed about this transformative initiative. The switch from Paper and Pencil Test to Computer-Based Examination is not merely a procedural change but a strategic leap towards modernizing the examination system. This move is expected to streamline the assessment process, reduce logistical challenges associated with traditional paper-based testing, and provide a more efficient and secure examination environment.

The announcement serves as a proactive measure to prepare candidates, educators, and other stakeholders for the upcoming changes. It underscores WAEC’s commitment to staying at the forefront of educational assessment methodologies and ensuring that the examination system remains robust, relevant, and in harmony with the demands of contemporary education.

In conclusion, the decision by WAEC to transition to Computer-Based Testing for the Senior School Certificate Examination represents a progressive step towards embracing technological advancements in education. This move is poised to have far-reaching implications for the examination landscape in West Africa, aligning it with global trends and fostering a more technologically sophisticated educational environment.

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