2024 will be a very interesting year for bloggers. Most especially traffic arbitrage bloggers – those doing ADX arbitrage blogging or adsense arbitrage blogging.

Unlike the previous years, we’ll have more millionaires emerging from the blogging industry.

I’m not just referring to the OG’s in blogging. Even newbies are included. More like a level playing ground for everyone even though those with more experience may do better. But even if you are just a beginner in blogging, you will excel very well in 2024 if you adequately prepare for it.

So here is a few of what is coming in 2024 and how to adequately prepare for them.

1. Google Adsense CPM Payment Model

This by far going to be the biggest change coming to the blogging world in 2024!

The reason is simple: for over two decades, Google Adsense has made a CPC payment model for its Content Publishers (Bloggers).

This payment model is what they seek to set aside and adopt the CPM model which does not only massively reward publishers for clicks on adverts placed on their sites but also for the impressions (ad views) on these ads.

What this simply means is that unlike before, bloggers will now be paid for both. That’s a super increase in their earnings.

With this change coming up, you can be sure of ads bidding remaining constant on your site, so you may not even need to move to and work with ADX companies anymore unless you have a special love for a particular company.

Now the biggest goodnews there is this, with Google making this big move, EVERY other ad network out there will be forced to copy them and increase their pay too to remain in the competition. Including ADX companies.

2. Adsense Content Publishers Will Get A Higher Revenue Sharing Percentage Between Them And Google

Following the CPM payment model, Google will be reviewing its revenue sharing from 68/32 to 85/15 to give publishers a higher pay for most types of adverts on their sites.

What this means is that unlike before when an advertiser will pay $1,000 for adverts on your site and you end up getting about $680 while Google keeps back $320 for themselves, now you will be getting $850 while they get $150. That’s a far higher pay than before.

The only drawback here is that this may not happen for every type of ads. A few others may be subject to a different review based on the advertiser’s bidding.

3. Google’s Mandatory Cookie Policy Notification To Website Users From The EU and Other Tier 1 Countries

Starting from January 16, Google will require all of its content publishers (bloggers) to publish a notification on their website alerting their visitors or users about cookies and how they are used to serve them adverts.

Prepare for this by installing the necessary plugin for it on your site or use the Google Adsense Privacy Setup guide to do it.

If you don’t do it by January 16th, Google will be forced to stop showing adverts on your website.

Go to the WordPress plugin directory, download a cookie notification plugin and set it up to your style, to prevent ads serving stoppage on your site.

4. Multiple Algorithm Updates On Google Search

While this happens every year, it will happen more often in 2024. The reason is simple: Google is releasing their AI for search and Video Content Creation Tools.

These two will require several updates on Google’s existing algorithm for their search engine to accommodate them.

If your only source of traffic is the Google’s search engine, expect temporal hit after hit on your traffic volume.

Learn traffic arbitrage and stay in complete control of your website traffic 24/7. Stop giving that power to Google Search or any other search.

A perfect place to learn this is Trispark Academy. Go on Google, go on Facebook groups and everywhere and make your research on that name.

These are just a few of them.

Prepare your blog for them.


Let’s make the most of 2024, together ❤️

By Matex

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