UK-Based Church, Envoy Nation, Celebrates Nigeria At 63


As Nigeria marked its 63rd independence anniversary, The Envoy Nation, a UK-based church located in Leicester, served as a beacon of hope and inspiration for Nigerians worldwide.

Central to this commemoration was a message of unwavering faith and a call for unity, passionately delivered by the church’s founder, Pastor Dele Osunmakinde.

Addressing a diverse gathering at the Clock Tower in the City Centre, which included Nigerians, Britons, and other foreign nationals, Osunmakinde issued a powerful call for unity.

He urged Nigerians to set aside their religious, political, and ethnic differences and to work together for the common good. Even in the face of the nation’s ongoing challenges, he reminded everyone not to lose hope.

“I know we are going through a very difficult period in our national life,” he said at the gathering at the Clock Tower at the City Centre which included Nigerians, Britons and other foreign nationals.

“The socio-economic status is at an all-time low. Look at the exchange. Look at the exchange rate of the naira to the pound sterling and dollar. But my message to Nigeria at 63 is that we must not give up on our nation. We must continue to believe in the greatness that lies in our nation.”

He encouraged Nigerians to embrace the spirit of resilience and take active steps to make a positive difference in their communities, rather than relying solely on the government for solutions.

Former Lord Mayor of Leicester, Mr. George Cole, echoed these sentiments, describing Nigeria as a nation richly endowed with human and mineral resources.

He urged Nigerians to participate actively in politics, emphasizing the importance of individuals with integrity leading the way in shaping the nation’s future.

The church’s Director of Administration, Pastor Adewale Adesola in his Independence speech, underscored the significance of having faith in the government’s capacity to bring about essential changes in the country.

“We must organise ourselves to challenge weak and anti-people policies and speak with one voice. Much more, we must demonstrate patriotism and display sound societal values at all levels and everywhere we find ourselves. We must show faith and confidence in the fact that Nigeria shall fulfil its potential and become a great nation.”

The commemoration, marking the church’s second celebration of Nigeria’s independence, was a vibrant affair filled with singing, dancing, and prayer. It was an expression of the fervent belief that Nigeria’s future will be marked by peace and prosperity.

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