A Tale of Academic Excellence: The Journey of Twin Sisters in Agricultural Economics


Our family, consisting of six members with two elder siblings, was grounded in love, support, and religious values. Our mother, a health practitioner, and our father, a civil servant, provided the foundation for our upbringing. From our early days in secondary school, we embraced dedication, trust in Allah, and a commitment to doing right by ourselves—a mindset that has profoundly shaped our academic journey.

Academic Journey: Initially aspiring to pursue Medicine, fate led us to Agricultural Economics due to our JAMB scores. Despite facing the unexpected change, we adapted and eventually developed a genuine interest in the course. We believed that Agricultural Economics not only promised job stability but also aligned with our values and interests.

Unique Challenges and Advantages of Being Twins: Being twins in the same department proved to be a blessing. We received special treatment, encountered curious questions about our relationship, and found comfort in being each other’s study partners. Despite the challenges, the experience enhanced our bond and made the academic journey more memorable.

Study Pattern and Social Life: Our study pattern was fluid, primarily involving one reading while the other listened. We preferred daytime study sessions, concluding by 10 p.m. Our leisure time was spent both indoors and outdoors with friends, who played a significant role in making our university experience enjoyable.

Achieving First-Class Honors: Discovering that we were on track to graduate with first-class honors during our second year was a turning point. Despite a less focused first year, we remained determined and credited our success to the support of each other and the guiding hand of Allah.

Persistence and Motivation: At no point did either of us contemplate giving up on achieving a first-class degree. Our determination and mutual motivation fueled our academic drive. We looked up to each other as constant sources of inspiration, reminding ourselves that settling for anything less was not an option.

Life Beyond Studies: Our non-study activities were relatively simple—watching movies, sleeping, and spending time with friends. These moments provided much-needed breaks from academic rigor.

Challenges Faced: Transportation emerged as a significant challenge during our early years, but eventually, we secured a reliable means. Other challenges were typical student experiences that we navigated with resilience.

Memorable Twin Experiences: Throughout our university days, we encountered amusing moments related to being twins—stares, questions, and attempts to blend in by dressing differently. The story of collecting academic gowns for matriculation showcases our determination to maintain individuality.

Future Plans: Our journey doesn’t end with graduation. We are eager to pursue master’s degrees and contribute positively to our community through volunteering. We firmly believe that the future holds numerous accomplishments for us.

Advice for Aspiring Achievers: Our advice to other students is simple: do what works for you and trust the process. Success requires discipline, patience, hard work, and determination. Surround yourself with friends who inspire and motivate you to excel. The journey may not be easy, but the rewards are worth the effort.

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