Top 8 FREE High Paying Certifications For Remote Jobs in 2024


In today’s insightful post, we’ll delve into eight exceptional certificates that can be instrumental in propelling your remote career. Before we delve into the details, it’s important to note that these certificates cater to a diverse audience, whether you’re a student, recent graduate, seasoned professional seeking career advancement, or someone contemplating a career change. This postis tailored to benefit you.

Now, let’s jump into the first certificate – Digital Marketing.

Digital marketers play a pivotal role in promoting products, services, or brands in the digital space. Their responsibilities include reaching and engaging target audiences, driving website traffic, and ultimately generating leads and sales. The Digital Marketing Professional Certificate, a seven-course series available on Coursera, is an entry-level program that requires approximately six months of dedication, investing 10 hours per week.

The best part?

It’s free of charge. As an entry-level digital marketer, you can expect an annual salary ranging from $40,000 to $60,000, with ample room for growth as you build your portfolio and gain experience.

The flexibility of remote work is a significant perk, allowing you to strike a well-balanced blend of personal and professional life.

Moving on to certificate number two – Human Resources (HR).

HR professionals are at the forefront of creating positive workplaces and addressing employee needs. Platforms like Bernie U or Bernie Portal offer HR courses that can be completed in around 15 hours, covering areas such as recruitment, onboarding, compensation, and payroll. Upon completion, you can expect an entry-level HR specialist’s annual salary to range from $56,000 to $92,000. The increasing trend of remote HR work aligns with modern demands for flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings.

Certificate number three introduces an IT certification that might not be as widely known – the Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP).

This certification, offered by Apple free of charge, enhances your skills as a help desk professional, technical coordinator, or technical support professional for Mac users. The ACSP course takes approximately 14.5 hours, and the average annual pay for certified professionals is $66,000.

The fourth certificate focuses on Management Consulting.

Certified Management Consultants, or management analysts, provide solutions to enhance organizational efficiency and performance. offers free courses in this field, with a median pay for certified consultants in the U.S. being $42 per hour.

Certificate number five brings us to the healthcare sector with the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) certification.

CCS professionals specialize in medical coding, translating healthcare diagnoses and procedures into alphanumeric codes for billing and insurance claims. Free tutorials on prepare individuals for the certification exam, with an average annual pay of around $47,000.

Certificate number six is Sales. With various avenues in remote sales roles, a sales certification can give job seekers a competitive edge. Coursera offers a free course on sales, and with dedication of 10 hours per week, you can complete it within three months. Performance-based compensation in sales roles often results in an annual income ranging from $67,000 to $112,000.

Certificate number seven focuses on Customer Service.

Depending on your industry of interest, a Certified Customer Service Professional can excel in providing customer support through various channels. offers a free course with a certification period of 90 consecutive days. The average pay for a customer service professional ranges from $32,000 to $43,000 per year.

Finally, certificate number eight highlights QuickBooks Bookkeeping.

QuickBooks, a widely used accounting software, offers free courses to learn the basics of the product and work with clients through QuickBooks Online. A certified QuickBooks bookkeeper can expect an annual salary of approximately $59,000.

Each of these certificates opens doors to remote work opportunities, providing flexibility and the chance to create a balanced and fulfilling professional life. Let me know in the comments which certificates you’ve achieved or are considering pursuing! Until next time, stay tuned for more insightful content.

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