I have fought 2 unnecessary but necessary battles that I knew slowed me down abit.

The first one I could have exercise more patience, the second one I should have ran away from but I fought.

Fierce battles that every other persons got terribly wounded, the mercy of God prevailed over me.

If I knew what I know now, I would have done things differently.

I escaped death and destruction by whisker, the enemies were not just the devil influencing men who stood in holy places but everything around them.

Only those who are close to me knows the reason I always tell everyone I love to avoid unnecessary battles.

There are 3 things you need to know about unnecessary battles;

1. It will not only waste and delay you, it will isolate you from helpers of destiny.

2. It will delay your gratification and appearance,

3. It may crush everything including your calling and ministry.

Read very well, I didn’t say the devil is powerful, I am saying don’t make him powerful over your life and ministry.

No one can tell your story until you make them write your scripts, that’s what unnecessary battles do.

Your life and ministry will not become the textbook of unnecessary battles in the name of Jesus.

Let me tell you this for free, I lost gifts and abilities that took me 7yrs to recover, please read again.

There was a time I went into hiding, I stopped attending even ministers conference, my public life was completely off the radar.

I took 216days of white fasting in a year, the one after, I took 7days dry fasting every month and the one after 3days dryfasting every week for a whole year.

I was almost dying taking 21days dryfasting.

I have served in places you can refer to as the sit of the devil, let me leave that in my memoir.

There is arguably a prayer mountain or camp ground here in southwest Nigeria that my feet had not touched.

One day in the cave, the Lord appeared to me, He told me to go home, He said you have escaped the wickedness of wicked men.

Other things from that encounter are not for social media, that’s the reason you will never see me, fight, curse or hold grudge with anyone.

That’s where I learnt FAITH, real bible kind of faith.

This is my sincere prayer for you, you will not be a victim of wicked men in the name of Jesus.

I am a man that loves and serves people with everything in me, anyone that had ever met me since I started at age 20 will tell you this.

People took advantage of my innocence and novicity, I found myself where those who were more anointed perished but Jesus delivered me.

I woke up this morning remembering how God showed me mercy, what consumed great men was what I escaped.

It’s from my faith story, may God help you greatly.

No one knows your story they can only guess, thank you Jesus for divine rescues.


AT Joel.

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