The bible says, but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagle, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint (Isaiah 40: 31).

The Scripture above emphasis or us as God’s children, the need to know and exercise our faith by waiting on the lord, and in the cause of our Christian Journey on the earth, there will be several instances and situations where we will need to wait on the Lord.

But before we proceed, what does it means to wait on the Lord?

How can I wait on the Lord, what do I do to be sure I am waiting on the lord? I will address these in today’s Bible study.

  1. It means to stand before God in prayer: One of the ways to wait upon the Lord is to appear before God in prayer, especially regularly or on a schedule revival or retreat, where you separate yourself from the activities that you do and seek the face of God completely, the bible says when you do this, there shall be a renewal of strength, in situations where you might have been weary of faint hearted, when you wait upon God, your strength is renewed. It means where you have been confronted and defeated before, you will receive strength to go and take back your victory.
  2. It means Seeking God in Fasting: To wait on the Lord is to take certain seasons out in your life to fast and pray, it could be 3days, 7days or even 21days, based on his leading and also your level of desperation, there is a renewal of strength that happens to you as a child of God when you seek the lord in fasting, your strength is renewed and restored, your level of authority is promoted and enhanced, you become more spiritual and your level of command increases, fasting is a must for any believer that must walk in Power, Jesus our master, fasted 40days and 40night, and he walk in such a depth of Power that is undeniable.
  3. Following God’s Will: Waiting on the Lord also means following the will of God in every situation you find yourself, this might not always be easy, It will not always be convenient, it requires a lot of self-denial to follow God’s will at all time. But a major way of waiting on the Lord is doing his will, obeying his words, following his ways, this is very important. If you want to follow Jesus, you must be willing to deny yourself of so many things, pleasure, and comfort in order to experience his glory and Power in your life. Going extra mile with God will require a clear obedience to all that have been listed above.

We must understand that the quality of our life as Christian comes out of the time we spend before the Lord, because the bible says; as we behold him, we are changed from glory to glory even into the same image, so when we spend quality time with God, he changes our level from glory to glory. The major way of waiting on the lord I through the ministry of Prayer and the Word of God, this is all about seeking God in prayers, for your life, family, destiny, loved ones, the brethren, the church and even our Nation.

God is looking for men and women who will stand in gap to pray and stop the works of the enemy on the earth, destroy the works of Darkness and establish the will and purpose of God on the earth, make sure from today, you make a daily and weekly routine to always seek the Lord and pray to him on a consistent basis and your life will manifest his glory in Jesus name, God bless you.

Written by Pastor Matthew.


By Matex

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