The Obudu Mountain Resort, Calabar: What you should know


This Mountain Resort is situated on the Obudu Plateau (Obanliku Local Government Area), Cross River State, Nigeria which was formerly known as the Obudu Cattle Ranch; a ranch and resort. This resort was developed in the year 1951 by one Mr. McCaughley; a Scot who was the very first to explore the mountain in 1949. He camped on the top of the mountain of the Oshie Ridge on the Sankwala Mountains for about a month before returning there with a fellow rancher known to be Mr. Jones Hughes.


In 1951, the ranch was developed together with Dr. Crawfield and Mr. Jones. The ranch has since been through troubles until it was recently rebuilt to its former state and glory. Also, of recent, cable cars was added to aid transport and also gives a scenic view to the visitors of the ranch while bypassing the winding road to the top.

This ranch which is a perfect paradise for nature lovers in Cross Rivers State is known to share a border with Cameroon. It is actually a plateau with a towering height of 1576 meters above the sea level and this alone gives a unique aura which disarms you of worries you might have been burdened with. The radiant sun in this region together with the temperate climate makes it a place of comfort for individuals, families, couples or groups of people to bond well and also appreciate nature.


There are staffs present at the resort to welcome you with warmth and perfect smile on their faces; ensuring that you have a perfect stay and of course a good experience. They are there to offer visitors professional and courteous services at their reach. There are amazing sites at the ranch which would make you stare in awe of such greatness all day. Be it an excursion, an honeymoon, a company retreat or a family vacation, the Obudu Resort is the best place to be for a perfect experience.

When to Visit

The resort is open to all visitors all year round but the best time to visit ranges from October to February due to weather conditions; when the flowers blooms so well, a clear sky and cool air. This weather is the ideal so as to enjoy the views across the plateau and also for trekking over the high ground.

How to Get There

There are various ways of accessing this Mountain for aspiring visitors who desires to go have a nice time with friends, families, partners or colleagues. Access to Obudu resort can be by road, air or by using the cool cable car. The Obudu resort is 332 kilometers from calabar and just 3o minutes from Obudu town while coming by road; you get to experience the designed road to allow visitors have a cool sight of the environment. This spectacular view gets you glued to the window of your car throughout the journey. The cable car makes you have a view of the resort from another angle which is the sky. Transport by air can be done via Aero Airlines which flies bi-weekly from Lagos and it’s a 35minutes flight. You could also board chartered flights either from Lagos or from Calabar. Irrespective of the mode of transport to this resort, the funs starts as you approach it.

Things to do at the Mountain Resort

There are lots of things one can do at the resort. One could decide to walk or ride bicycle in exploring the view of the ranch, its vegetation and dotting of the sky by the adorable birds with their beauty. There is a canopy walk way which allows the visitors to view the birds in their natural habitat; their nest. Also, there are terrains for those who love to hike as the terrain offers a perfect hiking in order to challenge endurance levels of visitors. This resort also has a fully equipped and staffed gym for its enthusiasts; the fit family. It is equipped with two tennis court, a squash court and a natural swimming pool. Also, for lovers of Golf, there is a 9-hole golf course made available too.

Apart from the fun and lovely memory activities that takes place there leaving her visitors with an unforgettable moment, there are other offers like the state of the art conference/retreat facilities. The staffs ensures that the attendees of the conference gets the best value out of their meeting not by only providing a comfortable environment but also making high conference facilities available. The conference support staff team comes to terms with the organizers in order to ensure a smooth running of the meeting.


The accommodations there are of various forms to suite the taste of the visitors; in form of African huts, chalets and luxury suites. With over 160 accommodation categories made up of standard rooms, executive rooms and chalets to a presidential apartment. Hotel at the Obudu is N25,000 per night while Hotels around the resort cost below N5,000 per night. The Obudu is home to exotic breeds of birds that sings you to lullabies all night. There are wide varieties of local and international cuisines and beverages made available to suite the visitors taste. It’s always a delight to eat in the resort’s cool atmosphere made more comfortable by a blazing fire.

Finally, there is an amazing fact about this resort and it is that it houses about 250 different species of migratory birds that been carefully observed at different times all through the year at the ranch. Also, there is a 60KM canopy walkway built in the form of a ladder tree which allows tourists to trek, having a breathtaking view of some areas in the mountain resort. This resort also has apartments which gives visitors the look and feel of being in the Safari.

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