Pastor E. A. Adeboye on “THE LINK BETWEEN WORSHIP AND DESTINY” at The Outpouring Lagos 2023 5th November 2023 Onikan Stadium, Lagos Island. ||

I am extremely delighted to be here tonight. I thank God for those of you who are here. I can assure you that because my God answers prayers, you will never forget tonight. I am extremely delighted that our governor (Lagos State) is here with us. The God that you have come to honor Sir, will honor you in return. I’m here to talk to you very briefly, actually, I’ve come to pray for you but before I pray I want to share with you for about 15 minutes, I’ve come to talk to you about “The link between worship and destiny” because the destiny of somebody is about to be released. 


John 4:23-24. The Almighty God loves worship. When you count the number of the mass Choir in heaven, it will shock you. He calls them thousands of thousands ( that’s millions) and He said, “plus ten thousand of ten thousand”….and yet in spite of all that massive mass Choir, the Almighty said, “I am still seeking for someone else”, just one more member of the Choir. He is seeking for worshippers and He is going to find one here tonight.

Now, what has worship got to do with destiny? Because the one who controls destiny is seeking worshippers, whenever He finds a worshipper, He releases a destiny. So if you’ll learn to worship Him, your destiny will locate you. When He was talking about how He got David to become King and He was looking for a shepherd boy to become King, he said to us in Acts 13:20-22. “I have found a man” it means he was “seeking”. “Who will do my will” that is He just wants somebody to worship Him. When you know how to worship God, it doesn’t matter where you are, your destiny will locate you.

Not only that, as soon as your destiny locates you, the same worship will move you from where you are to where you need to be to become what God wants you to become. After God had rejected King Saul and had anointed David to be the next King, if you read 1st Samuel 16, you will find the story there.

The Bible says, “An evil spirit from the Lord began to trouble Saul”. Someone said, “Sir, you have a problem, I think you need somebody who can worship, to worship God whenever the evil spirit is troubling you and the evil spirit would leave you alone”. Suddenly, somebody said, “I know a man who can worship God” and the King said, “Bring Him”. So from where David was taking care of sheep and goats, they went and brought him to the Palace, to the place where one day he would be ruling.

– I don’t know who God has in mind tonight, you might be a house help but God is training you for greatness.
– He would bring you to the right place.
– Destiny will locate you and then relocate you to where you should be to become what He wants you to become.

Not only that, as you go along in the journey to fulfilling your destiny, automatically, there will be enemies. If somebody tells you, “I have no enemies”, then I can tell him, “It means you are not going anywhere”…because the moment the enemy notices that you are on your way up, they will do everything. As I have always told my Children, those of us who were living in Mushin in those days, most of us there, maybe you have two trousers, two shirts and if you have a bicycle at all, it is either second-hand or third hand…you don’t need a bodyguard.

Who’s coming to steal your third-hand bicycle? But all you need to do is take a look at Ikoyi, take a look at Victoria Island and when you see some houses, you will see the walls and you’ll see some notices saying, “Beware of dogs”, telling you that there’s someone inside there who has gone to a certain position because the moment you begin to move upwards, there must be a reaction of the enemy.

But I have good news for you, if only you learn to worship, anyone who tries to mess around with your destiny will be surprised. Well, you can read that in Acts 16:25-40. God had already made up His mind that a man who used to be called Saul of Tarsus, who became converted and became Paul.

God had made up His mind that He will perform special miracles by the hand of this man…but long before he (Paul) got to where God was taking him, some people grabbed him, threw him into prison and they were going to kill him the following day but at midnight, Paul and his assistant, they prayed and they worshiped God and the one who had planned his destiny sent an earthquake.

– I decree to someone here today, that every wall trying to block your way to destiny shall fall.

So destiny would locate you if you know how to worship God then the same worship would relocate you to where you need to be to become what you need to become…and if you just know how to worship God, any effort to truncate your destiny would be destroyed. There are some people whose destiny has already been messed up thoroughly by the enemy. 

Something told you when you were very young that you were going to be great. Now, you have reached a certain stage and you are asking yourself, “Where is the greatness?” Because some enemies have interfered. If only you can worship God, God will restore your destiny.

Mark 5:2-20. You know the story of a man who was so mad, I mean so mad that everybody had written him off, he himself had written himself off. He was living in the tomb, just waiting. He knew if he died nobody was going to bury him, so he said, “Let me stay in the graveyard”. Then one day, Jesus was passing by, the only thing that man did, was worship because the moment he opened his mouth to say a word, the demons in him took over. They didn’t even allow him to pray because they heard about it. The Bible said, “A legion of demons”. Bible scholars have not really agreed on how many demons make a legion but some of them said, that means about 6000 demons. One demon is enough to make anybody mad, this man had 6000 (demons) but it was already too late for the enemy because this man had worshipped. Like I keep telling people, “If a mad man can worship Jesus, what’s your excuse?” You are not mad. At least if you are mad, it’s not 100 percent. You know at the end of the day, the man who woke up naked, living in the mortuary or in the cemetery was already an evangelist because that’s what God made him to be. That was his destiny, but his destiny was so messed up, there was no hope for him until he worshipped.

– There are some of you here now, you don’t even know how far you are from the goal God has for you but as you worship Him tonight, the journey to the top begins for you.

Let me just tell you one story and from there about enough I will pray for you and after I have prayed for you, then you will worship God in spirit and in truth. The worship you are going to do before the musicians will come and help you further will be 100 percent your own and I will tell you what to do. 

There was a young man they brought to the Redemption Camp way back in 1985. He was a student at the College of Medicine in U.I. (University of Ibadan). When I saw him at the time they brought him, he had not slept for 7 days, his eyes were crimson red, it was a problem. His father fought with another man in their village and the other man pronounced a curse on the father and said, “Before I finish with you, there’ll be no trace that you have ever been in this world” and the father thought he was an angry man just speaking as if he’s drunk so he ignored it.

Well less than two weeks later, his father died…and then all the children came home to bury their father, among those who came home to bury the father was the firstborn who had just returned from Germany and had just bought a car and he came home driving his new car.

After the burial of their father, they were on their way home and the fellow with the brand new car had an accident and died. They brought the news to the mother, the mother heard the news, collapsed and died. The other children came back to bury their brother and their mother, on their way back, the one next to the fellow who bought a new car had an accident and died.

Anyway, the story continued until it remained the last born, this one who was a student…and he came home to see if he could get some money from his father’s farm for his education and that man who placed the curse on his father saw him and said, “There still remains one, okay before I kill this one, I would torture him a bit”. So the boy got back to the campus, gathered all his books together and all his clothes and set it on fire.

Of course, you know what they would do in that situation, they just picked him and took him to Aro (Neuropsychiatric Hospital), they pumped him full of drugs, he was a little sober so he came back to the University, where he needed money to buy new books and clothes…so he had to go home and that man saw him and said, “This one is still looking sober” and he (the man) added a little more fuel to the fire. So the boy came back again and began to behave even worse than before.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, after a while, somebody said, “Wait a minute, the case of this boy is not ordinary, let’s take him to Jesus”. That’s when they brought him to the Camp (Redemption Camp).

We prayed a little prayer, my God stepped in, he became normal, we told him, “Don’t bother to go home for now, God will pay your school fees”. I remember the day he finished, the day he became a doctor. He came to see me at the headquarters (Redeemed Church Headquarters) and said, “But for God, now I will probably be walking naked in the street, eating anything I can find on the dunghill, now I am a doctor”. I said, “Congratulations Sir but I don’t think being a doctor is actually the final goal for you”. To cut the long story short, today, he is an evangelist. 

There is a God who can do all things. There is a God who can reverse the irreversible and all he wants from you is worship. However, he said in Proverbs 15:8. He said: “I love worship but I don’t want it from a wicked man”. He said, “You want to praise me? If you are not one of my own, I don’t want to hear”.

You are living in sin and you want to come to Onikan Stadium to sing and dance and shout Hallelujah and when you leave here, you go back begin to fornicate, begin to steal, begin to defraud. Keep your worship to your father, the devil. That’s why tonight before you worship, before destiny would locate you, before you worship so that destiny can relocate you to where you should be, so that you can become what you should become. Before you worship so that nobody would be able to truncate your destiny before you worship so that the Almighty God would say, “Anything that have been messed up vis-à-vis your destiny would be put right”. You better make sure you have given your life to Jesus Christ.


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