Study-In-Canada: 2024 Humber College Entrance Scholarships For International Students



Humber College Entrance Scholarships: Recognizing Academic Excellence for International Students


Humber College, known for its commitment to providing quality education, acknowledges outstanding academic achievements through its Entrance Scholarships program. This initiative is designed to honor students who exhibit exceptional scholastic performance and aspire to excel in their educational journey. This comprehensive article delves into the details of the Humber College Entrance Scholarships, outlining eligibility criteria, application procedures, rewards, and additional scholarship opportunities in North America and Europe.

Eligibility Criteria: The Humber College Entrance Scholarships target students with a remarkable academic track record. Specifically, candidates boasting a GPA of 85% or higher and demonstrating language proficiency through a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 (or its equivalent in TOEFL, Duolingo, or senior high school English grade) are eligible. This scholarship is open to students in their senior year of high school, college, or university.

Scholarship Details and Benefits: New students embarking on Diploma and/or Advanced Diploma programs at Humber are eligible for consideration for this esteemed international entrance scholarship. Successful recipients are granted a substantial CAD 2,000 reduction in tuition fees, which is equally distributed over the first two semesters of their studies, amounting to CAD 1,000 per semester.

Academic Excellence and Holistic Learning at Humber: Humber College distinguishes itself by offering a polytechnic education that seamlessly blends theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on training. Collaborating closely with industry partners, Humber provides students with immersive learning experiences in real-world settings. The institution’s state-of-the-art facilities and creative learning spaces foster innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for the dynamic careers of both the present and the future.

Diverse Scholarship Opportunities: The Humber College Entrance Scholarships are not the sole scholarship avenue for international students aspiring to study in Canada. A myriad of scholarship opportunities are available across Europe, the United States, and Canada. These scholarships cater to undergraduate, postgraduate, and master’s level studies, making them accessible to students from all countries. The rewards range from CAD 2,000 to CAD 4,000, significantly easing the financial burden of pursuing higher education abroad.

Application Deadline and Process: Applicants keen on securing the Humber College Entrance Scholarship need to ensure that their submissions are received by September 30, 2023. The application process is streamlined, and prospective students are encouraged to stay updated by subscribing to scholarship alerts through WhatsApp for timely notifications.

Unveiling Opportunities: Bachelor’s Degree Scholarships: Students directly transitioning from high school/secondary school studies, who have not attended college or university previously (including Humber’s EAP program), are eligible to apply for Bachelor’s Degree scholarships. These scholarships are not constrained by a fixed quantity, highlighting Humber’s dedication to fostering academic excellence.

Automatic Recognition of Excellence: Humber College takes pride in recognizing and rewarding academic brilliance. The institution proactively awards degree scholarships to graduating high school students based on their outstanding academic achievements.



* Eligibility is based on students high school academic achievement.
** Renewable scholarships will be reissued if the student achieves 80% or above in each year of the Bachelor’s degree.
$4,000 95% or higher
$3,500 90 – 94.9%
$3,000 85 – 89.9%
$2,000 80 – 84.9%
$1,500 75 – 79.9% one time


  1. Humber may consider high school students who have demonstrated academic excellence for the international entrance scholarship, but due to the limited number of scholarships available, only those with the highest GPA (Grade Point Average) will be awarded. Humber’s admissions team will calculate the GPA based on the high school transcripts received during the admissions assessment process. No separate application is required for the International Entrance Scholarship, as the awards are automatically granted to eligible candidates after they commence their studies.
  2. A total of 20 scholarships will be awarded to new students starting in September, 15 scholarships will be awarded to new students starting in January, and 5 scholarships will be awarded to new students starting in May. Per every starting semester, each recipient must come from a different country. In other words, no more than one student from any single country may receive the award within the same starting semester.
  3. The award will be applied towards the student’s MyHumber account as a credit after the 10th day of classes in two instalments of CAD 1,000. Both payments will be applied to the second semester. The scholarship recipient is still required to pay the full amount for the first semester.
  4. Only successful recipients will be notified after the Day 10 of their 1st-semester studies.

To submit your scholarship please submit the following to [email protected]

  • Humber Student ID number
  • Confirmed Letter of Acceptance from Humber College for fulltime program commencing in January 2024
  • Personal statement of interest – must include your Grade Point Average.
  • 2 reference letters.


Conclusion: The Humber College Entrance Scholarships encapsulate Humber’s commitment to promoting exceptional learning experiences and recognizing academic achievements. With a robust scholarship program, innovative pedagogical approaches, and a supportive learning environment, Humber College stands as an ideal destination for international students seeking to embark on a transformative educational journey in Canada.


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