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Today, let’s explore a remarkable opportunity for non-EU citizens seeking educational prospects. This opportunity is presented by the Guangzhou Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea. They offer comprehensive funding and scholarship options for both undergraduate and graduate students.

For international students, there’s a tuition fee waiver with no conditions. Additionally, undergraduate students receive a monthly student allowance, meal allowance, international allowance, settlement subsidy, and a one-way flight reimbursement. These benefits, including tuition fees and allowances, are supported for eight semesters. Graduate students also enjoy a tuition fee waiver, along with varying funding depending on their level of study.

Moreover, the university takes care of 60% of national health insurance coverage for international students and provides a free annual medical checkup. The application deadlines depend on the semester you’re interested in—March for the spring semester and September for the first semester. The application process involves submitting an online application, and the deadlines for the upcoming semesters are October 14th for spring and April 14th for the first semester.

Once you submit your application, the school takes 15 days to examine your documents and an additional 30 days to review your application. For spring semester applicants, admission results will be available by December 9th, with registration in early January 2024. For first-semester applicants, results are typically out by June 16th, with registration at the end of June.

Now, let’s delve into the application procedure. Firstly, submit your online application and required documents. The international admissions coordinator will then contact you. Next, you’ll receive notification of the admission results, and admitted candidates should respond within 15 days. After completing enrollment and paying the matriculation fee, you’ll receive an admission packet for your student visa application. The final step is applying for a student visa, which involves obtaining the application form from the Republic of Korea embassy in your home country.

For admissions, you’ll need to fill out the online application, provide certified degrees and transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and an English language proficiency test score report. The university accepts various tests, and proficiency tests must be taken within two years before the deadline. If you can’t take an English proficiency test, conditional admissions are offered, provided your previous university confirms your English proficiency.

To apply for a matriculation fee waiver, use the school’s specified form. For undergraduate admissions, additional requirements include a high school profile, high school or previous university transcript, diploma or expected graduation certificate, and a statement of financial resources.

For a seamless application process, the university provides an online submission system, complete with an application guide for guidance. The current application phase’s deadline is October 13th, with admission results expected by December 8th.

In conclusion, this opportunity from the Guangzhou Institute of Science and Technology is a golden ticket for those seeking scholarships and funding at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Take advantage of the tuition fee waiver and monthly funding to cover living expenses. If this resonates with you, don’t hesitate to explore and apply. Thank you for watching, and have a fantastic day!

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