Story of Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack: Life and Divine Encounter for Ministry


Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack: A Journey of Supernatural Encounters


From a very young age, Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack felt a unique calling. It was an inexplicable knowing, a deep sense that God’s hand rested upon him. Whenever he watched anything related to ministry and God’s grace on TV, an inner witness assured him that he would one day be the one ministering. While other children his age played outside, Selman often secluded himself in his room, immersing himself in the study of God’s Word.

Selman’s journey took a significant turn when, during a Sunday school session, he raised his little hands and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. However, it was during his secondary school years that he began to experience the extraordinary. A mentor guided him in deepening his relationship with God, teaching essential aspects of Christian growth, such as spiritual development and the importance of a daily quiet time.

This mentor played a pivotal role in helping Selman navigate the complexities of his dreams and the world around him. Selman’s spiritual awakening opened him to a profound motivation to pursue God with sincerity and fervor, leading to a series of supernatural experiences.

One such experience was a program where a visiting minister prayed for those seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Selman was filled with the Holy Ghost, along with a group of friends. Remarkably, this outpouring of the Spirit led them to manifest incredible miracles, including healings, prophetic words, and angelic encounters.

However, their journey faced a setback when they encountered opposition and criticism, causing them to stray from their spiritual path. They became less prayerful and closed themselves off to the supernatural. Yet, everything changed with one life-altering encounter.

On December 2, 2002, a dramatic moment unfolded as Selman was awakened in the night by an unmistakable presence. Although he didn’t see anyone, he knew it was Jesus. This encounter was his first profound experience with the Lord. He wept, prayed, and rededicated himself to God’s service.


Upon entering university, Selman’s hunger for God intensified. He spent hours in prayer, often seeking God’s purpose for his life. During one unforgettable night, he had a vision that left an indelible mark. In the vision, he saw a vast crowd of people crying out for food and water. Selman felt a deep compassion and, in the vision, believed he held the key to their sustenance through the bread of life and the water of life.

This vision ignited a fire in Selman’s spirit, confirming his calling to be a minister and preacher of the Gospel. However, the most extraordinary encounter was yet to come. In a moment of divine revelation, Selman met Jesus himself, the King of Kings. Although he couldn’t describe Jesus’ appearance, he was overwhelmed by the beauty, brilliance, love, and power emanating from Him. As Jesus stretched out His hands, a beam of light enveloped Selman, infusing him with a profound anointing.

This encounter radically transformed Selman’s life. He gained profound insights into Scripture, entered the realm of angels, and received visions, insights, and faith beyond measure. Selman now firmly believed that nothing was impossible through Jesus Christ. He realized that Jesus was not merely a religious figure but the sovereign Lord in control of the entire world.

Beyond ministry, glory, grace, or material possessions, Selman’s heart remained captivated by Jesus Christ. His journey was nothing short of amazing, and it challenges all who hear it. Stay tuned to learn how this extraordinary journey unfolds. Selman’s story is a testament to the power of faith, divine encounters, and unwavering dedication to God’s call.

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