Steps to Becoming a Nollywood Actor or Actress


Being an actor/actress is what a good number of youths out there would always crave for as they want to be seen either on stage or on TV probably because of the way these ones are celebrated anytime they attend functions or seen around. It is no news anymore that youths are currently in search for how to become one of the Nollywood stars. These hunger in youths has also made fraudsters consistently on the look making moves on how to prey on these career seekers through any means (both online and offline). Lots of ladies have abused while in search of every possible means to getting into the glamour of the movie and entertainment industry.

This article is designed to help find a simple, easy and most realistic way of getting into the Nollywood and also on how to make a great career out of the Movie Industry in Nigeria. Yet, you need to careful about the danger associated with quest like this. Report says that lots of youth have been going around looking for contacts of Nollywood stars on social media platforms seeking for help so as to gain entry into the industry. However, pretenders are so much aware of this motive and have thereby capitalized on this, creating fake accounts of Nollywood actors and actress so as to swindle them or even rape the ladies.


Most of these girls who are desperately seeking to come into limelight are even said to have taken the evil steps themselves; offering themselves to be slept with as long as it grants them access into the Industry. Some even send their nude pictures to the male celebrities in an effort to seduce them, hoping that will help get a role in some movies. But, if you are looking for a clear and straight means to becoming an actor/actress, you need to carefully study this post.

The process to becoming an actor or an actress is not difficult as long as one thing is certain which is the talent as being talented in any field is what makes one extraordinary. So, before we go into the details, let’s look into what and what you stand to gain when you finally become a Nollywood star.

Earnings: Before anyone starts earning in a business it means that the necessary has been put in place. As a prospective Nollywood actor/actress, you must get your roles right if you desire to earn and even better earnings. The Nigerian movie industry is known to be the third biggest movie industry in the world, therefore one would expect that enough glamour and wealth flows in Nollywood. An upcoming or the average            movie star earns between N100,000 to N500,000 per role while the big roles taken by the big names in the industry earns N1 Million to N5 Million depending on the name and production budget.

All things being equal if you rise to stardom, apart from the movie roles you take, there are endorsement and contract deals which are definite to come your way and the real cash comes from this. Popular stars have been signed up to endorse products by big companies in the nation.

Lifestyle: This aspect to most people is the most attractive of it all as there is huge glamour and seeming enjoyment going on in the entertainment industry all over the globe. You would have the opportunity to attend events, travel to places you’ve only dreamt of and also get to meet great people. Nonetheless, one’s lifestyle must be that which people would love to be reckoned with as no one would teach or instruct on how to live a better life.

Opportunity: There are several opportunities to come your way as you gain entry into the movie industry. Many celebrities have been able to get appointments like being an ambassador, get political appointments in their states or at the national level due to the popularity gained through their efforts placed in the industry.

Having these at heart, I’m sure you are almost ready to go. Still, how do you gain entry into the Movie Industry in Nigeria?

Talent: Talent as earlier said is the greatest tool to achieving beyond the ordinary; doing and getting better day by day. People who have gained access through sex or bribe can never persuade the audience through sex or bribery. There are several movies you would have seen that contain mediocre acting, majority happen due to one of the reasons stated above with which you won’t get to see them in movies again due to their low performance.

But how do you really know if you’re talented? Are you good at pretending what you’re not without people finding out the difference? Can I interpret someone else attitude exactly the way the person does it without having to try hard?\

Because, acting means you putting on another man’s character of which you’re not; assuming different characters at a different time and circumstances. Then, if your answers to the above questions are positive, you may just have become another gifted actor/actress. Nevertheless, it’s not just enough to answer it yourself as people also have to say the same thing about you and must have records that would serve as back up.

As good as you claim to have being, people must have noticed that in you long before now. You also must have been featured in one acting or the other, like school or church dramas that you have had roles to play. As an aspiring movie actor/actress, you must always document things you have done at your early stage as it would pave way in your careers.

Attend Auditions: This is the quickest means of letting producers get to see how talented you are without delay. Search for legal auditions and make yourself available for it as you never can tell; it might your step to breakthrough.

Approach a Registered Talent Agency: After having series of personal examinations and believing in yourself that you are truly talented, the next and final steps as you hope to take is to approach a legitimate talent agency in Nigeria so as to let them test you. Some of the agencies may require that you pay a token for registration. But, it is advisable that you don’t register if you are not fit for the task so as to avoid a waste of fund. But if you are really talented, no agency would want to deny a rising star in the movie industry.

Have this also at heat that there lots of people out there just like you that are talented but have gone of their way to gain entry into the industry ahead of you. What will stand the test of time is the inherent ability; your talent.

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