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– Pastor Mrs. Faith Oyedepo On Spiritual Stewardship Pays the Most at Covenant Hour of Prayer (ChoP) LFC Worldwide

If you’re clapping for the Lord Jesus, let’s make it bigger and louder. He’s faithful. He’s worthy. He’s a good God. Please, lift up your right hand to God and let’s thank Him for these amazing testimonies today.

He is the doer and He’s worthy of our praise. Don’t just mutter words. Please, speak to God very clearly. Let Him hear your voice of appreciation for these marvelous acts of God. Let’s thank Him for answered prayers (personal, corporate) this morning.

Let’s give Him all the glory and now, why don’t you ask the Lord to speak to you personally this morning, to send you His Word, to meet each one of us at the very point of our needs.

Let’s begin to thank Him right now. Father, we give you praise and glory in Jesus mighty name we’ve given thanks.

Father we thank you for the gift of life. We slept and woke up because you sustained us. Take all the praise in Jesus name. For these marvelous testimonies, take all the glory. We decree that they shall be permanent.

Thank you for answered prayers also (personal prayers, corporate prayers.) We can see the answers coming and we give you the glory…and now Lord speak to us by your Word. Holy Ghost, let your teaching ministry be made manifest, give us understanding, send us light, illuminate our spirit man and change our levels again and let your name be glorified for in Jesus mighty name we pray.

A louder and believing Amen. Please you may be seated.

Put your hands together for the Lord. You can make it bigger and louder for Jesus, He’s faithful, He’s worthy. Praise the Lord, I’m finally on the covenant highways of life, congratulation.

This week in our Covenant Hour of Prayer, we’re looking at the subject captioned ‘Spiritual Stewardship Pays the Most.’

This morning, the first thing we want to look at is the fact that God has a payroll. Say with me “God has a payroll”, louder please. God has a payroll and this is very very interesting because God’s payroll is to man’s advantage.

You and I shall be beneficiaries of God’s payroll in Jesus name. Of course what’s a payroll, no assumption. The dictionary defines a payroll to be an employer’s list of those that are entitled to pay. An employer’s list of those that are entitled to pay and the amount due to each, employer’s list of those entitled to pay and the amount due to each.

God’s servant has told us over and over again several times, “let God employ and no man can turn you back.” The greatest employer in the whole world is God Almighty and it’s such a joy that you and I can get on His payroll.

So, God has a payroll. Secondly, it’s so interesting to understand that God’s payroll covers all of man’s need – all, no exemption. All of man’s needs are covered by God’s payroll.

The payroll of man is limited, it’s restricted, more often than not, it’s monitory. But God’s payroll covers how many areas of man’s needs? Louder please, how many areas? All of man’s needs. How do we know God has a payroll? John 4:36. It says he that reapeth receiveth wages, he that reapeth is paid by receiving wages but beyond that God’s pay covers all areas of man’s needs. Luke 22:35. So, it’s possible to get to a point of no more lack in our walk with God…and I see God taking you and I to that level in Jesus name.

Can I hear a louder Amen. But the question then is “how do I get on God’s payroll, how do I get on God’s payroll?”

We get on God’s payroll by engaging with Kingdom advancement endeavors and through the week, we’ve been looking at different ways by which we can engage in Kingdom advancement endeavors thereby getting on God’s payroll and this morning, we’re looking at one of such ways and that’s by praying for the needs of members, by praying for the needs of members. 1 Thessalonians 5:25. Hear what Apostle Paul said “brethren pray for us.” So, he’s talking to brethren and this is Apostle Paul the great man of God. “Brethren pray for us.”

Praying for the needs of members is one major way by which you and I can get on God’s payroll.

1 Thessalonians 1:2. When you pray, who do you make mention of? 2 Thessalonians 3:1 retrating thesame fact, it says “finally brethren”. So we know he’s talking about brethren, he’s talking about members – “pray for us”…and we’ve several examples of such men in scriptures.

One is Epaphras. Colossians 4:12. Prayer is a spiritual labour and what a joy, the Church already has intercessory prayer guidelines for Church members. 

Most of us have copies. If you don’t, you can find it online. So you don’t have to specifically know people by name before you can pray for them. So, let’s somebody not say “Oh I don’t know people in this Church, I don’t know their names.” You don’t have to.

Pray for those who are believing God for miracle jobs and you will never lose your own. Pray for those who are believing God for miracle husband, miracle spouses, miracle babies.

Pray for those who might be sick in their homes, in the hospitals; wherever they may be. Pray for those who might be going through challenges in different areas of their lives including their families. Believe God to lead you and guide you as you do so and as you take advantage of the prayer guidelines that we’ve on various subjects in the Church especially this one (Intercessory Prayer Guidelines) that we have for praying for Church member’s needs. You’ll discover that the list is endless.

Grace therefore to be more fervent in this labour room of prayer in praying for the needs of members, I pray that will become our portion today in Jesus name. Can I hear a louder Amen.

Please understand that praying for others turn their challenges to testimonies.

When we pray for others, what happens? God turns their challenges into testimonies Philippians 1:19. So, when you pray for the needs of other members of the Church, God turns their challenges into testimonies and you know one of the greatest sources of joy, I believe you also experience this because this happens to me several times. When you’ve prayed for people’s specific needs even when you don’t know their names and you hear such testimonies, it gives you joy, the kind of joy that money cannot buy. How many people understand what I am talking about? Praise the Lord! 

So when you pray for the needs of others, you discover that among other things, their challenges are turned into testimonies.

I can never forget one of us that shared a testimony that she began to pray for the needs of other people and each time she hears the testimony is like “yes, I prayed for this, yes I prayed for this.”

All of us shall have greater testimonies in Jesus name. Genesis 20:17.

Furthermore, we must understand that when the challenges of members are turned into testimonies, they attract others to Church.

Remember Zechariah 8:23 says “ten men would hold onto the skirt of him that is a Jew saying we will go with you because we’ve heard that God is in the midst of you.”

This is one of the fastest and greatest way of soul winning, when men are ready to follow you to your God.

You know we go out to invite people, to ask them to come to Church to be born again. We’ve entered into the season now when we won’t only be inviting people, people would be telling you and I “I want to follow you to your God.” That will become our testimony in Jesus name.

Last Sunday, we had one of such testimony. That lady came on the altar with that former moslem woman whose wound was miraculously healed and she said the woman called and said “I’m going to that Church with you.” How many of us remember that testimony? 

Praise the Lord!

Both of them stood on the altar last Sunday – that’s the fastest way of evangelism. Our own testimonies shall be stronger in Jesus name.

Many from this season shall begin to follow us to our God. Psalms 23:6 “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and when that happens, people will begin to troop out to follow us to our God in Jesus name.”

As we begin to round up this morning, what we pray for others, we must remember God makes happen for us.

Ephesians 6:8, Job 42:10 “he prayed for his friends and what happened, God turned his captivity.” Genesis 8:22 – we’re very familiar with this. The Word of God is very clear. Seed time and harvest shall not cease.

What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you…and what a joy, today is Wednesday. We’re waiting on the Lord. We’ve service in the evening, spend time to pray for the needs of other members of the Church.

It’s not so much of how long but how well. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, the time you would’ve spent for your lunch, for your breakfast, turn it to your time for praying for the needs of others and please be reminded that God does not reward us as groups, He rewards us as individuals. Say with me “God rewards individuals not groups.” You shall be rewarded.

Grace therefore to labour more than ever beginning from today becomes our portion in Jesus name.

Our names shall remain on God’s payroll forever. Rise up on your feet everybody, raise your voice to God and please lift up your hands to Him right now, receive grace. Lord, I receive grace to labour more than ever in your Kingdom, in praying for the needs of others. Grace to continue to labour, I receive it.

Pray that prayer for yourself. Lift up your hands to God, don’t just mutter words, let God hear your voice right now.


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