Sir Alex Ferguson’s Wife, Cathy pass on at 84yrs


Remembering Lady Cathy Ferguson: The Unseen Strength Behind Sir Alex’s Glory


The football world mourns the passing of Lady Cathy Ferguson, the beloved wife of former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. At the age of 84, Lady Cathy left behind a profound legacy of love, support, and resilience. In this article, we pay tribute to her life, her unwavering support for her husband, and the enduring impact she had on the footballing legend.

A Love Story Begins:

Lady Cathy, formerly known as Cathy Holding, first crossed paths with Alex Ferguson in 1964. Their love story blossomed over the years, and they sealed their commitment in 1966 with a wedding ceremony. Two years later, they welcomed their firstborn, Mark, into the world, and in 1972, Lady Cathy gave birth to twins, Darren and Jason. Little did they know then that their journey together would become one of the most celebrated and cherished stories in the world of football.

The Rock Behind Sir Alex’s Success:

Throughout Sir Alex Ferguson’s illustrious managerial career, Lady Cathy stood as a pillar of strength by his side. Her unwavering support, resilience, and understanding were invaluable to the legendary manager. As he guided Manchester United through its most glorious years, Lady Cathy was always there, offering her steadfast encouragement and love. She was not just a wife but a confidante, a partner in his footballing journey.

Retirement for Love:

In 2013, Sir Alex Ferguson decided to retire from his role as the manager of Manchester United, marking the end of an era. His decision was driven by a desire to spend more time with Lady Cathy, who had been his constant source of strength and support throughout his career. The couple’s love story transcended the footballing world, proving that even the most celebrated careers must make room for the most important thing of all – love and family.

A Family in Mourning:

The Ferguson family’s statement on Lady Cathy’s passing captures the depth of their loss. It reads, “We are deeply saddened to confirm the passing yesterday of Lady Cathy Ferguson, survived by her husband, three sons, two sisters, 12 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. The family asks for privacy at this time.” The outpouring of support and condolences from the footballing community and fans worldwide highlights the indelible mark Lady Cathy has left on hearts around the globe.

Manchester United’s Tribute:

Manchester United, the club that experienced its most successful period under Sir Alex Ferguson’s leadership, also paid its respects. A club statement expressed condolences, saying, “Everyone at Manchester United sends our heartfelt condolences to Sir Alex Ferguson and his family. Lady Cathy was a beloved wife, mother, sister, grandmother, and great-grandmother, and a tower of strength for Sir Alex throughout his career.” The club recognized her integral role in the manager’s accomplishments.

A Legacy of Success:

Sir Alex Ferguson‘s incredible career achievements speak for themselves. During his 26-year tenure as Manchester United’s manager, he secured a staggering 38 trophies, including 13 Premier League titles, five FA Cups, and two UEFA Champions League titles. But behind every successful man, there is often an unsung hero, and in Sir Alex’s case, that hero was Lady Cathy Ferguson.


As we mourn the passing of Lady Cathy Ferguson, we celebrate not just the life of a remarkable woman but also the enduring love story that enriched the life of one of football’s greatest legends. Her legacy is one of love, support, and strength, and it will forever be intertwined with the illustrious career of Sir Alex Ferguson. Lady Cathy’s memory will live on as a symbol of unwavering dedication and the incredible power of love in the world of football.

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