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I like the way my Igbo brothers call it, they call it Spare Parts, lols.

Promoting the 30 Days Sales Challenge, I’ve had lots of people in my DM asking me if the sales challenge will work for their business.

One of the most common ones especially on Facebook is car spare parts…

One even came to ask if it can work for her husband, the husband sells car spare parts.

Hmmm, before I share the strategies…

There’s this brand on social media that does excellently well, in fact I love how they do what they do.

They fix cars, rebrand cars, and also sell spare parts. If you carry your old car and go there now, they can rework the body to make it look clean.

Buttt, they sell their offers in a very exciting, educative, and entertaining way, their videos are always CONTAGIOUS.

If you watch one of their videos, you would want to watch the next. If you click on any of their videos, it will draw you to the next one.

They have good content creators that understand their products so well, on a daily basis they share content that teaches the different parts of the car and their functions.

I won’t lie…. There are some functions of the hidden parts of my car that I learned from them, yessss…., lols.

Because I always see their content on my timeline, subconsciously, if I was residing in the city where they’re based.

I would pack all my friends, my family members, even my close relatives, and my customers. We would be going there to fix our cars.

Chioma would be the first person I would carry to that place to fix her car.



So, here’s what you can start doing if you sell any kind of accessories.

Is it…

Car accessories?
Hair accessories?
Fashion accessories?

It will work for you and you will make massive sales.

1. Start doing reviews about those accessories and post them online.

This won’t only help you make sales but it will help you build a strong brand in this space.

Check out what Ola of Lagos is doing, also check out what those people I mentioned above are doing.

Even if you’re just starting out, it will help you blow in 90 days or more depending on your consistency level.

2. Invest in your visibility.

I won’t say much here, I’m having a visibility webinar on Monday that’ll show you how to position yourself for massive visibility.

The good thing is, there’s no fee attached, it’s pay anything you want. Click the link below to get it.

You need to be findable if you want badass sales.

3. Partner with micro influencers that would help blow your trumpet.

You need this one if you want to blow very fast on this space.

Find at least three to four micro influencers with lots of engagements that’d make it rain for you.

4. Give Mark money, let him send some leads your way..

You can’t do without this one, you’re in the Ecom space whether you like it or not.

You need mad traffic to get the ball rolling for you.

Don’t hate Mark, make him your friend and we move.

What I shared is not even up to the tip of the iceberg I’ll break in the 30 Days Sales Challenge.

You will stay with me in a group, I will give you daily sales prompts to act on to enable you to make an extra 500k in your business.

Send me a DM to lock your spot!!!

Thank You!!!


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