As Government thinks twice on demolition and compensation for Winners, other private jet Hangars.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has concluded plans to build her own aircraft hangar at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria.

Recall that Church Gist had announced in 2015 that the RCCG usually used the Dominion Aviation Center which houses the hangar of Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel International for parking of both her former aircraft-N707EA as well as the present one-Gulfstream 550 with registration marking N730EA bought a few years ago.

However approvals have been given for the building of her own hangar.

Hangars are very necessary especially for organizations who own private jets as they ensure the long term safety of the aircraft since the alternative is to leave them parked at parking bays of their domicile Airport.

Secondly, it is much cheaper to keep own aircraft where it can easily be maintained. For many years, government and private organizations gave churches with aircraft a big challenge at the airport in terms of cost but all that started changing from 2010 when the first church owned hangar was built.

Recall that in 2023, a former Minister of Aviation threatened to pull down the Dominion Hangar within 2 weeks. Feelers have it however that there is a double think on this matter as the present Government is not keen to bear the costs of demolition as well as possible litigation and compensation that might arise from such demolition.

As such the Dominion Hangar as indicated in the picture below is still standing.
A number of other private hangars at the airport are also happy that they are not facing the demolition threat alone and that a church is involved as is the case in this particular instance.

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