Prophet suddenly miokukusheshe meaning in english?


So many people are asking to know what does Miokukusheshe means in English   this was the name of the demoness that was used in the movie to ensnare and enslave the pastor under the pretence of empowerment and success in ministry, sm sure you must have watched the video, if you haven’t watched it, you’re missing a lot.

Do well to watch it.

Now to the question of today;

What does Miokukusheshe means in English ?

To be able to give a straight and direct meaning  I will have to frist tell you the meaning of Miokukusheshe in yoruba before we now interprete it to English.

In Yoruba  the direct meaning of Miokukusheshe is “I have not  commit any sin”.

Now it is possible that same word means something else in another tribe, I really don’t know but the yoruba meaning is what I just typed above, please I’d you have a better meaning for the word in your language, kindly type it in the comment session below and let us know your tribe.

Also in the movie,  Miokukusheshe means or was used to describe a lady who happens to be the queen of the legion of demons”.

Thank you.


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