Laptops generally are known for its notorious for overheating irrespective of their size, shape or make. MacBooks are in no way different from this category and it could be so annoying when you can’t just have your fingers on it without being heated up. Luckily for you, we have here strategies put up together just to ensure it doesn’t overheat again. Below are some tips to stop the overheating of your MacBook

Troubleshoot for a Problem

It is advisable to check for the condition of the fan at first before taking any other step as this will keep you from spending unnecessary money. It would help in determining or to discover the fault of the fan or if it’s just been able to perform the way it should. There are various test options available on all forms of MacBooks. However, for MacBooks that were produced before the year 2013, you can find the test option under the Apple Hardware Test but the newer versions have their feature I the Apple Diagnostic Tool.

The mode of testing for each version is similar but you need to unplug any external gadget or peripheral from it before troubleshooting. Next thing to be done is to restart your laptop and you hold the D key down. Then, you follow the on screen set of instructions as it guides you through the test. The test shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes and in case there’s a problem, you will be informed about it as soon as it’s done.


Keep the Operating System (OS) Updated

Another important thing that must be considered is the version of the operating system currently in use as this could pose threat to the smooth operations of the MacBook. Ensure that you have the latest OS in use. Upgrades are free for all versions of the MacBook produced, so you shouldn’t let this cause damage. All that is required of you is to create a backup for security purposes. Also, every software in use must be up-to-date, not just the OS; the browsers, word and photo editors etc. just to ensure good use of the laptop.

Desist from using the Chrome Browser

The chrome browser causes most gadget to overheat probably due to its much storage size as it causes the processor to overtime thereby adding to the level of heat already generated by the laptop. This result in turn affects the fan of the system rendering its service incapable. A much better browser should be opted for – the Safari or the Mozilla Firefox are nice alternatives you could download for use.

Reduce Your Number of Tabs

The MacBook is not good at multi-tasking at all. If you keep many tabs (Apps) on, you would notice that it would stat overheating and the rate of performance also drops in the process. Research proves that the struggle occurs whenever iTunes and Photos are opened at the same time. For those who would like to listen to songs while working on the system, should rather use their smartphones in achieving that. Also, while browsing; opening too many tabs makes the fan to start malfunctioning. Many tabs make the system perform less than expected and in turn results to damage. Therefore, unused tabs should be closed so as to reduce the workload of the browser.

Avoid the Sun

This may sound awkward but it would be of good to you to avoid it usage from direct sunlight. Much heat on the laptop could result in a malfunctioning of the MacBook. So it is better to be under a shade if you would prefer working outside when there is sun. According to Apple, the best temperature to work with on the MacBook is between 10 and 35 degree Celsius.

Ensure the Fan isn’t obstructed

The MacBook fan vents from its back and this must be kept open as possible to avoid less inflow of air. It shouldn’t be kept on a soft surface, directly against a wall or on a lap as all of these can prevent the airflow and in turn cause heating up of the MacBook. It is preferably kept on a flat surface such as a table or the floor. You could also use a book or a tray as a surface for the laptop, if you would like to work on the couch.

Always keep it Clean

Finally, it is very important to keep gadgets clean at all times even the MacBook. Always make sure to keep your laptop clean whenever you notice stains or dust on it using a soft fabric to n achieve that. Also, you can open the bottom using a screwdriver and blow away any debris you find with compressed air. But if you are not confident of opening the back side yourself, it is advisable you consult an expert in achieving this. Also, be extra mindful of the cooling fan and the vents.

The above tips should be of help in avoiding your MacBook from overheating. However, the span use of the laptop could also contribute to the overheating you experience which means the fan is getting old and that also tells us that it’s time to replace the MacBook. Therefore, you can visit the Apple store for the latest version of MacBook.

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