These prayer points will set you on fire and revival your prayer life.

Several testimonies have been coming forth from the Commanding the day midnight prayer with Dr Paul Enenche.

You can also engage the prayer points below from the program and also connect at your various locations via the YouTube channel link. GOD BLESS YOU.



  • Father, Thank you for your Love and mercy that has kept me from being consumed by the wrath of the enemy. Be glorified Lord in Jesus name.


  • Father, Thank you for Incredible but undeniable testimonies of your acts in our midst, be thou glorified, Lord in Jesus name (Acts 4:16).


  • Father, I declare this new Day my Day of Divine Grace, Mercy and Help from above. I decree that I am never at the mercy of the wickedness of the enemy and his agents Lord in Jesus name (Hebrews 4:16).



  • Father, Thank you because No Devil can undo what you do, we reverse and annul every enemy attempt at Confrontation, retaliation, reprisal or counterattacks of your acts amidst us in Jesus name (Rev 3:7 -8).


  • Father, I ask that both the ambition and vision of the wicked and their wickedness scheduled for Today will perish in the fire of your judgement, Lord in Jesus name. Father we ask that every enemy altar, priest, personality, agent or device of bitterness, jealousy, wickedness, witchcraft positioned today to cause Havoc, setbacks, Ba news, Evil report, disaster, destruction or death, be set on fire now in the name of Jesus Christ (Psalm 37: 20).


  • Father, we ask that your words released at this altar of prayer though faith will sound into all the earth, unto the ends of the world, and bring commensurate results, Lord in Jesus name (Romans 10:18).


  • Father, I receive my daily supply of direction, revelation, provision, preservation and rejuvenation from your hands today, Lord in Jesus name (Psalm 19: 1-2, Matthew 6:11).


  • Father, fulfil this word in my Life – I receive the blessing of fruitfulness today and reject the plague of barrenness today, Lord in Jesus name (Deut 7:14).


  • Father, I ask that you will destroy every demonic covering cast over my life and destroy every veil spread over my destiny by your fire on this altar in Jesus name ( Isaiah 25:7).


  • Father, I step into this new day in boldness, Authority, command and control of your of your Righteousness, and bring all contrary forces of the day into subjection, Lord in Jesus name (Prov 28:1; 30:30).

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God bless you in Jesus name.

By Matex

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