“But God will redeem my soul from the power of the grave: for he shall receive me” Psalm 49:15

Beloved,  just as we have physical graveyards, there are spiritual graveyards where good things are buried. Peoples virtues, glory, destiny can be taken by these wicked powers and buried. The spiritual burial will make fulfillment of destiny and life purpose difficult or impossible. The graveyard spirit is an instrument of “embargo”. It puts a stop or a limitation on destinies or good prospects. It makes a person to spend years on a project without a headway. The graveyard spirit signifies the end of glory and the beginning of shame. It is the beginning of hopelessness, helplessness and non-achievement. The good news is that  no matter how difficult a problem is, the resurrection power of Jesus can give deliverance and a lasting solution by revealing the problem and totally uprooting them.

1.Every voice from the grave speaking against my life, perish by fire in Jesus’ Name.

2.Any covenant between me and any dead relative, break by fire
in Jesus’ Name.

3.Every grave-yard power hunting for my destiny, fail woefully
in Jesus’ Name.

4.Every connection between me and graveyard spirits, break by fire
in Jesus’ Name.

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