OPay Customers laments Concerns Over Alleged Unauthorized Withdrawals



Over the weekend, a video circulated online, causing concern among some customers of the fintech company OPay. In the video, OPay agents were seen protesting at the Alender House Office in the Alausa area of Ikeja, claiming that unauthorized withdrawals had been made from their accounts. This incident raised questions about the security of funds held in OPay accounts. However, it’s important to note that this video is not recent, as it initially appeared online in August 2021.

Agents’ Concerns: The video depicted a group of OPay agents expressing their frustration with frequent unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts. They claimed to have reported these issues to the company previously, but no resolution had been provided. To recover their stolen funds, some agents had also involved the police.

One agent, speaking on camera, detailed the extent of the problem, stating, “Huge sums of money were unscrupulously taken away from our accounts. Balances of our accounts were removed, some were transferred to other banks, and some were used to purchase airtime, while others were transferred to different OPay accounts that we do not have any dealings with.”

Customer Reactions: The video caused panic among some OPay customers, leading them to hastily withdraw their funds from their accounts to prevent falling victim to similar unauthorized withdrawals. One customer, Olanrewaju Abdulyekeen, expressed his concern, saying, “I have been a victim of many scams recently. Thank God I was able to move my money out of your account. Communication is key. Learn to communicate with your customers when you have issues or crises.”

Another customer shared a screenshot of his OPay account, which displayed a balance of N1.48, and announced that he had withdrawn all his money.

OPay’s Response: OPay responded to the video by assuring its customers of the safety and security of their funds. In a statement released on Sunday, the company addressed the situation:

“Our attention has been drawn to a certain old video that resurfaced on some social media platforms regarding alleged fraudulent activities on some OPay Agent accounts. We wish to state that the allegations are dated and have been resolved in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders. We implore our customers and the general public to ignore and disregard the video and its content. We remain committed to protecting our users from any fraudulent activity or scam as customer data protection is our priority.”

Conclusion: While concerns about unauthorized withdrawals raised by OPay agents in the circulated video have been addressed by the company, it serves as a reminder of the importance of prompt communication and resolution of customer issues. OPay continues to emphasize its commitment to safeguarding customer funds and data, reassuring users that their accounts are secure. Customers are encouraged to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the company for prompt resolution.


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