I was in a vigil two nights ago with P Daniel and Lawrence at Prophet Olowere‘s church in Ibadan. This strange prophet here is one of the last few men alive who have contacted greatly from Apostle Ayo Babalola. I was lost in prayers when I suddenly turned to face the people again from the ministers seat on the pulpit. The moment I turned towards the people, I suddenly noticed very strong fog that has filled the whole congregation, then it occurred to me that someone carrying the ancient mantle had stepped into the building, then I looked to my right; there He was just few seats away from me. I was so humbled to be finally standing face to face with the man I have both read and heard few things about.

When it was his turn to minister, he gave prophesies about the last days revival, then he he went on to talk about the vision God showed him about a rain he saw falling, that as the rain was falling, everyone under the rain were being filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. I knew in my heart that his vision was in two folds: 1)He was talking about the later rain that will fall in the last days, secondly he was talking about the later rain Conference, the three of us that will be ministering there were also at this meeting, and this was great confirmation for us.  After our encounter with him, I have not stopped thinking about him; his humility, his compassion, his prayer energy at that age. When I stood in front of him to talk with him, I suddenly felt the burden of prayer. Indeed, a man’s secret life is communicable.

While making more findings about him, I stumbled on a post made by Prophet A. T Joel; a man  I greatly respect and honor.


You must have heard about Baba Automatic, Prophet Olowere. A man that doesn’t agrees with a ‘NO’.

This is not a man that would let off Jesus until he hears Him clearly.

This is a man that would pray until something happens.

I have never met a man as humble as this man of God despite the great exploit God have done through him.

There is no single noise around him, easy going but unstoppable.

He was heading to Oshogbo for a crusade one day when some policemen stopped his car. After giving them every documents that they requested, they still didn’t allow him to go.

He then stepped out of the car, removed one of his shoes and threw it into the bush, he told the policemen, go and look for it until I return from this program, time is already running against me.

The policemen went into the bush and were looking for the shoes, Baba didn’t return until the next day and when he got to that portion, he shouted eyin ore mi moti de o(my friends I have come ooo).

The policemen emerged from the bush, fighting on who will give the shoes to baba, he took it from them, pray for them and told them never to harass a man of God again.

If you want to know why people don’t respect men of God again, it’s because most of us don’t carry the power of humility which births the power as of old.

He told me when I asked him some years ago the secret of a successful ministry, he said ‘omo ni irele, ani ni irele, o gbodo ni irele…’ (Son, be humble, you need to be humble, you must be humble).

He is still alive today, a legend that knows God and whom God knows.

We need to go back to the waters the fathers found, the seriousness they gave to what they have been called to do, before you talk about branding, make sure your content is very much intact.

– Apostle Femi Lazarus 2019


By Matex

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