MTN wiped out Subscribers Airtime and Data Debt worth 1 Trillion

MTN subscribers across Nigeria rejoiced on Saturday, October 11, 2023, after the extra time debts in their accounts disappeared.

The surprising event sparked both relief and curiosity among affected subscribers.

MTN has an XtraTime service that allows you to borrow airtime on credit when you run out of airtime and pay it back on your next recharge.

I actually got the message about this new development on a Whatsapp group, the message then came via another Whatsapp group and i had a debt of 1500 airtime which am yet to pay, then i checked my account balance, but i couldn’t see the debt again, but so as to be double sure, I opened my Kuda mobile app and loaded N200 airtime to my MTN line, lo and behold; I got the confirmation that my debt as been eradicated indeed, this was a good news, while i was still rejoicing, I got a call from a friend of mine, who called to inform me of this latest development too, just to prove, I wasn’t the only beneficiary of it.

Even though MTN claim its a glitch in their system, I believe this is a positive glitch actually, and it will also compel more people to use MTN line going forward.

However, there is a funny aspect of this whole thing, do you know some Nigerians owe MTN as much as  10,000 for both Data and airtime, so this debt cancellation took away over 1 Trillion worth of debt, but guess the crazy thing Nigerian did? They borrowed another data and airtime worth 1.6 Trillion in just 7hours after MTN cleared all debt, I guess Nigerians are used to borrowing.


Look at Nigerian reaction to this new development on the X  App;

@Nkunkumehn wrote:

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“MTN Nigeria don clear our debts!”
Joy.opukiribestman said:

“MTN cleared my 6k debt. Now make I borrow N5,000 if they will clear am again. So MTN don clear N4,000 wey I owe”
@Ibrahim__write also confirmed:

“MTN Nigeria clears my 10k debt on a line I’ve never used for 2 years now. Imagine how you would feel when someone you owe says to you, “I dashed you for life”
“What a wonderful way to influence customer experience. Did you observe something from the strategy?”
Responding to enquires on the debt cancellation Fusho Aina, senior manager external relations MTN, confirmed the disappearance of debts in subscribers’ accounts was a glitch.

A statement sent reads:

“MTN Nigeria Communications Plc can confirm a system glitch impacting balance enquiries. As a result, some customers may receive error messages showing that their balances have been cleared.

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