My Goodness!


This young man’s name is Dunamis. He was riding a Power bike around 8am, he was hurriedly heading to work.

He got to a point where he was to make a U-turn, & as he made the U-turn, a car was reversing on top speed towards him while he was also on top speed.
He maneuvered & was able to hit his left arm on the driver’s side window, which he broke; however, the passenger behind out of fear mistakenly pushed him.

He summersaulted & landed on the bonnet of the car with his chest. That was the last he remembered. A major vein in his left arm was cut as well as his jugular vein, he bled to death.

He was rushed to the hospital & was declared dead around 8:45am that morning.
He saw himself trying to be forced into a black bus where he saw all those who had died in his family from his grandad downwards. He saw his grandfather begging the person in charge of the bus not to take his grandson with them. The person said since he is here already, he has to come with them, that it’s over.

Dunamis began to pray for help underneath his breath, not knowing what to do. As he did, he heard the voice of Dr Paul Enenche from a far distance, singing one of his songs, “You are always there to help, You are always there to help me…”
As he heard the song, strength entered into his legs & was able to resist entering into the bus. As the song kept playing, he heard Dr Paul Enenche blast in tongues. That was all he heard & he found himself in the mortuary with wool already in his nostrils & ears.
He jerked back to life at around 6pm of that same day in the mortuary, having being dead for about 10 hours.

The mortuary attendants went to him but didn’t pay much attention to him cos his jugular vein was cut & had bled out, so they believed it was impossible for him to survive it. He was without strength, & singing the song he heard in the land of dead under his breath.

After a while of not attending to him & he was still alive, they reached out to the doctors to urgently check him. He was rushed to the ICU & revived back to normalcy.
On that very day, a mortuary attendant & a doctor who were muslims gave their lives to Jesus, having seen what happened.

God is Great & Merciful ????????????‍♂️

By Matex

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