Lists of 5 Best Nigerian Dating Platforms in United States


Are you in search of the finest Nigerian dating sites in the United States? Look no further. Discover an opportunity to connect with your potential partner in any of the online dating communities listed below.

As a mature single adult, the quest for your ideal date or soulmate, with the prospect of starting a family, can be a challenging endeavor. You may have encountered difficulties in finding your perfect match, leaving you weary of your quest for love. However, the digital age has brought a solution to your predicament. Online dating sites now serve as meeting points for single men and women seeking love over the internet.

If you’re interested in connecting with fellow single adults online, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best Nigerian dating sites in the USA for 2023. These recommendations are based on factors such as credibility, user testimonials, quality user interfaces, and overall popularity.

Top Nigerian Dating Sites in USA 2023 has compiled this list of dating sites in the USA to assist you in your search for love. The websites listed here cater to the needs of mature singles with Nigerian heritage, making them excellent platforms to find your ideal partner.

5) Meet Up Rating: 3.5/5

For Nigerians residing in the USA, particularly in New York, Meet Up is a top-tier online dating site for finding an ideal partner. This platform is designed to facilitate the dating needs of mature singles with Nigerian descent. As a result, you’ll find a significant number of Nigerians from various ethnic origins, including Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Efik, Fulani, and more, all seeking love on this website.

Currently, there are over one thousand Nigerians living in the USA and the UK who use Meet Up to pursue their relationship goals. One of the major advantages of Meet Up is the opportunity to meet a partner who shares the same Nigerian national, cultural, and social identity with you in the US. The platform is not only free but also easy to navigate, boasting a user-friendly system that enhances your experience on the website.

4) Find Love Rating: 4/5

Find Love is a welcoming online community where you can freely date Nigerians without any payment requirements. However, users are expected to adhere to the community’s rules. For instance, individuals below 18 years of age are identified as underage and are prohibited from using Find Love for dating purposes.

Find Love stands out among other Nigerian dating sites in the USA due to the high-quality services it offers to its users. Whether you seek a serious relationship or a commitment-free dating experience, Find Love is the go-to platform. The platform’s unique benefit lies in its ability to refer you to other dating sites based on your preferences, simplifying the process of finding your ideal partner.

Furthermore, Find Love provides users with useful content on love and relationships to assist them in making informed choices. Additional benefits include features like live audio and video calls, among others.

3) Naijaplanet Rating: 4/5

Naijaplanet secures the third spot on our list of the best dating sites for Nigerians living in the USA. It boasts a large community of Nigerian singles interested in finding love. With over 44,000 registered members and more than 3,000 daily visitors, you’re virtually guaranteed to find someone who captures your interest on this online dating site.

According to some users, Naijaplanet is home to the most attractive Nigerian men and women with Nigerian heritage. The site’s top-notch graphics and easy-to-navigate functions, including a search button, chatroom, gallery, and instant messaging, make it an attractive option for dating. Additionally, the fact that it is entirely free is the icing on the cake.

2) Nigerian Dating Rating: 4.5/5

If you haven’t explored the Nigerian Dating site yet, you’ve been looking in the wrong places. It currently stands as the largest network of Nigerian singles in the USA. This World Singles’ Network has facilitated over 8 million connections since its inception, a remarkable feat that ensures you’ll find a like-minded Nigerian on the site.

The Nigerian Dating site offers numerous advantages, including its user-friendly browsing interface. After sharing your photos and interests on the site, it assists you in connecting with other Nigerian singles residing in the USA who are the most compatible with you. The site promotes a fun and healthy dating environment, strictly prohibiting unruly users.

For individuals in the USA seeking unmarried men and women, Nigerian Dating is the ideal platform to discover potential partners and build lasting relationships.

1) Meet Nigerians Rating: 5/5

Without a doubt, Meet Nigerians is the ultimate Nigerian dating website in the USA, making it the best choice available on the internet today. While it was initially created for Nigerians living abroad, it has gained popularity both at home and abroad. This expanded user base means you have even more options to choose from.

Meet Nigerians excels in socializing with single Nigerian men and women in the USA. Since 2000, the platform has been connecting users with individuals who share their interests, facilitating quick and meaningful connections. You can meet your match on Meet Nigerians in as little as two days after signing up. The platform offers various features, including MatchME, Free SMS, and Upload Media systems, along with forum chats to interact with other Nigerian singles in the USA.

Moreover, Meet Nigerians provides users with a wealth of articles and testimonials on love, dating, and marriage tips to enhance their online dating experience.

In summary, if you’re searching for the best Nigerian dating sites in the USA, these top picks are sure to help you find your ideal partner and embark on a fulfilling journey of love and companionship.

The Best Dating Sites to Meet Nigerians in USA

  1. Meet Nigerians
  2. Nigerian Dating
  3. Naijaplanet
  4. Find Love
  5. Meet Up


The selection of these Nigerian dating sites in the USA provides you with a range of options to explore and discover your perfect match, tailored to your specific preferences and needs. Whether you’re seeking a serious, long-term relationship or simply want to enjoy the dating experience without commitment, these platforms have something for everyone.

Moreover, these dating sites offer additional features and advantages that can enhance your online dating journey:

  • Meet Nigerians: As the top-rated platform, Meet Nigerians not only connects you with like-minded individuals but also provides valuable features such as MatchME, Free SMS, and Upload Media systems. The forum chats allow you to engage with other Nigerian singles in the USA, and you can access a wealth of informative articles and testimonials to improve your understanding of love, dating, and marriage.
  • Nigerian Dating: This platform stands out as the largest network of Nigerian singles in the USA. It has facilitated over 8 million connections since its inception, ensuring you’ll find a compatible partner. Nigerian Dating’s user-friendly browsing interface simplifies the search for potential matches, and the site strictly enforces rules to maintain a positive dating environment.
  • Naijaplanet: With its attractive design and easy-to-navigate functions like the search button, chatroom, gallery, and instant messaging, Naijaplanet provides a user-friendly experience. The site is populated by a substantial number of registered members and daily visitors, offering ample opportunities to connect with attractive Nigerian men and women.
  • Find Love: This platform offers not only free dating but also services of high quality. You can seek serious relationships or casual dating experiences, and it will guide you to other dating sites that match your preferences. Find Love provides users with informative content on love and relationships and features like live audio and video calls.
  • Meet Up: Meet Up is an ideal choice for Nigerians in the USA, particularly those in New York. This free platform connects individuals with Nigerian heritage and provides an opportunity to meet partners who share the same cultural and social identity. It boasts a simple, user-friendly system for easy navigation.

In conclusion, these Nigerian dating sites in the USA offer an array of opportunities to connect with potential partners, whether you’re in search of love, friendship, or companionship. Take advantage of the unique features, informative content, and user-friendly interfaces they offer to make your online dating experience both enjoyable and successful. With these platforms, your journey to finding your ideal Nigerian partner becomes more accessible and promising than ever before.

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