Life Transforming Quotes from Apostle Joshua Selman


Transformative Insights from a Life-Changing Mentor: Apostle Joshua Selman


It is a widely acknowledged fact that the most valuable advice often comes from those who have already achieved what we aspire to accomplish. Success becomes more attainable when we learn from individuals who have paid the price. In my quest for knowledge and growth, I have immersed myself in the teachings of numerous accomplished individuals, especially those who are already where I want to be or in close proximity.

One individual who has had an immeasurable impact on my life is none other than my father in faith, Apostle Joshua Selman. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the life and ministry of this remarkable man, President of Eternity Network International, and the driving force behind the spiritual gathering known as “Koinonia.”


Apostle Joshua Selman: An Introduction

Apostle Joshua Selman is a beacon of spiritual insight and anointed wisdom in our generation. Widely recognized not only in Nigeria but also globally, he has become a household name for anyone in search of profound spiritual teachings. His messages, brimming with profound wisdom and power, have made his name one of the most sought-after on search engines like Google. What is the secret behind his impact?

Koinonia: A Place of Intimacy

At the heart of Apostle Joshua Selman’s ministry is “Koinonia.” For the past seven years, Koinonia has flourished as a weekly gathering where individuals come to experience fellowship with God. It is a place of divine intimacy, where worship, the Word, miracles, and love converge to create a transformative atmosphere. People from all corners of the world tune in to Koinonia, and the efficacy of the messages transcends geographic boundaries, bringing healing, deliverance, and miracles to those who listen.

Anointing and Balance

Apostle Joshua Selman is not only an anointed servant of God but also a man of balance. He exhibits a rare ability to connect with people from diverse tribes, cultures, and traditions while tirelessly spreading the love of Christ. His teachings offer profound insights and answers to many of the questions and challenges faced by the body of Christ.

Beyond his spiritual calling, Apostle Selman is a successful businessman dedicated to excellence. This multifaceted approach to life sets him apart and further contributes to the wealth of knowledge he shares with his audience.

Quotes that Transform Lives

To honor and celebrate his birthday, which falls on June 25th, 2018, let’s explore 60 powerful quotes from Apostle Joshua Selman that cover various aspects of life:

Life and Success:

  1. “The epicenter of dominion is wealth.”
  2. “One of the keys of great people is their disloyalty to any information that does not produce results.”
  3. “The world celebrates and rewards men of value.”
  4. “We win in life by strategies.”
  5. “Genuine knowledge brings liberation.”
  6. “The proof of your detachment from things is your willingness to let them go.”
  7. “Action is the bridge between problems and testimonies.”
  8. “The true secret of success lies in your understanding of kingdom mysteries.”
  9. “You become a physical reflection of your most dominant thoughts.”
  10. “Challenges are proof that your current mental state has stretched its capacity.”
  11. “The pain obtained from the place of failure will preserve your success.”
  12. “Every dimension of greatness has a price to be paid.”
  13. “Kingdom wealth are resources that facilitate Kingdom advancement.”
  14. “Through prosperity shall God’s agenda be spread abroad.”

Intimacy with God:

  1. “Intimacy with God requires making Him your priority.”
  2. “Intimacy with God requires your willingness to be sacrificial for Him.”
  3. “Intimacy with God is a product of time spent in His Presence.”
  4. “Intimacy with God is the first price required for sustainable greatness.”


  1. “Spiritual growth is not determined by your longevity in the Christian Faith or regularity in church.”
  2. “The display of the gifts of the Spirit is never an accurate measure of spiritual growth.”
  3. “The only entity capable of making men know God is the Holy Spirit.”
  4. “Worship is a ladder in the Spirit. We can use it to ascend dimensions in the Spirit.”
  5. “If Worship did not change you, then you did not worship.”
  6. “A worshipper is not a musician or a singer. He is someone who understands the dynamics of hosting God.”
  7. “God is glorified in Kingdom advancement and not in denominationalism.”
  8. “The infinite wisdom of God is engaged by praying in the Spirit.”
  9. “The level of your walk with God reflects in your love for people.”
  10. “Impartation is the transference of possibilities.”
  11. “A spiritual man is one who places utmost value on God’s Word.”
  12. “The Spirit life requires that your desires, appetites, and ambitions come under the submission of God’s Will.”

God’s Kingdom:

  1. “It is wrong for Kingdom ambassadors to negotiate with life; we legislate.”
  2. “God makes men peculiar by introducing them to His marvelous light.”
  3. “The anointing backs up the sent Word of God to cause a performance.”
  4. “It takes enlightenment (light) and empowerment (the anointing) to produce results.”
  5. “A track record is what validates you for qualification.”
  6. “Everything in God’s kingdom is faith-dependent.”
  7. “The mind of God is a compendium of the infinite wisdom of God.”
  8. “Believers are called to be demonstrators of the reality of God.”
  9. “Stability in God’s Kingdom is gained through understanding.”
  10. “The more you know God, the more you know yourself.”
  11. “God never trusts people He has not tested.”
  12. “The hidden wisdom of God is engaged by praying in the Spirit.”
  13. “In God’s Kingdom, you rise by the level of light you access and engage.”


  1. “Motives, when not properly defined in relationships, can result in frustration.”
  2. “All relationships should have clearly defined expectations of behavior and contributions.”
  3. “In every relationship, there must be clarity and definitiveness of motives, roles, and expectations.”
  4. “True love is a choice. It is an act of your will.”
  5. “Everything in life reproduces on the basis of relationships.”
  6. “Relationship is a stream of income. Pay the price to keep valuable relationships, even when it’s ego-stinging.”


  1. “The primary purpose of authority is Provision, Protection, and Promotion.”
  2. “To be successful, you must submit to God’s scriptural chain of authority.”
  3. “You reproduce the grace at work when you’re genuinely connected.”


In conclusion, the wisdom and insights shared by Apostle Joshua Selman are nothing short of transformational. His teachings touch on every aspect of life, offering guidance on how to navigate the complexities of existence while fostering a deeper connection with God’s purpose. As we reflect on these 60 quotes, may they serve as a source of inspiration and enlightenment, guiding us toward a life filled with purpose, success, and divine intimacy.

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