– Bishop David Oyedepo on ‘KEYS TO COMMANDING THE SUPERNATURAL’ Church of God Mission International Pastors’ Conference, 2024 CGMI, Benin City || Part A

We are all in a school, all of us. All of us are in a school. Paul said ‘Not that I’ve attained’. So, we are all learning to move forward. No one has arrived here. We are learning better ways of doing it, we’re learning brighter ways of doing it. Proverbs 9:9. Proverbs 1:5. So, we are all learning and we keep learning until we arrive there. 

Our path is ordained to be shining brighter and brighter unto the perfect day, the day Jesus returns. So, don’t be tired of learning. Where learning stops is where triumph stops. Where learning stops is where progress stops. We should never be tired of learning. Life is a lifelong school and ministry is a lifelong school. One is either going up or coming down. You throw a stone up, wherever it stops, it starts coming down.

– No one among us will come down in the name of Jesus Christ.

We want to thank God for how He has helped us till now in this Church.

We want to thank God for how He has helped in moving and advancing this Church forward. To Him alone be all the glory.

The theme of this Conference I’m told is ‘Focus On Christ For The Supernatural’. I’d like to pick on the word ‘Focus’ for the time we have tonight before we say one or two other things. Jesus said, ‘If your eye be single, your whole body will be full of light’. 

If we focus our eyes on Jesus, we can’t miss our steps. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the Light of the World. So, when we focus our eyes on Him, darkness can not torment our lives. Focusing our eyes on Jesus empowers us to walk in the supernatural naturally. When Jesus becomes the anchor of a man’s life, he becomes a living wonder to the World.

The Lord said to me at a time from Psalm 34:5 and He said to me on that glorious day, it was in a fast. He said ‘My son, you have two eyes’. I said ‘Yes’. ‘Can you make one to look up and one to look down?’. I tried, it didn’t work. ‘Anytime you are looking unto men, never claim to be looking unto me.

But if you focus your eyes on me, you will never be ashamed’ September 6th 1983. It was an awesome encounter. Matthew 6:33. That came my way September 12th 1976. It’s awesome to walk with Jesus by walking in the light of His Word. It’s awesome.

We must have been told we are redeemed to operate in the realm of the supernatural. That our redemption is to reposition us to operate in the supernatural. John 3:8. Every born again child of God is redeemed to operate in the supernatural. Every one of us. Isaiah 8:18. There were no children of God in the Old Testament, it was prophetic. It was a redemptive prophecy.

That is, when the sons of God appear, they shall be signs and wonders on the Earth. Therefore, we are not permitted to be limited by natural limitations, no! Redemption has repositioned us to operate in the supernatural naturally. Now, that means, therefore, pastors are to be leading vessels in operating in the supernatural. We should get that right.

– From after this Conference in the name of Jesus, every natural limitation shall be over in our lives.
– Every natural limitation shall be taken off in our ministries.
– No one shall drop off the plan in the name of Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 7:14. John 20:21. If He came down as a sign, then we’re redeemed to be a sign to the World. A sign means ‘What is this? What manner of man is this?’ That’s a sign.

‘What’s this? Is this a human being or a spirit?’ That’s the exclamation the World should have concerning us.

– and from after this Conference, that shall be our experience.

Now, everyone called to preach the Gospel is also called to command the supernatural after the order of Christ. Everyone is sent out. He gave them power to heal, to deliver, to set free. Matthew 10:1. Mark 6:7,12,13. 

So, the preaching of the Gospel, the call to preaching the Gospel is what qualifies us to command the supernatural. Mark 16:17,18. So, we are to command signs while we are on this assignment God has given us.
– and I pray that from now that shall be our experience.

Luke 9:1. We are not empowered for show, we are empowered to serve. We are empowered to serve and service the needs of humanity around us. Luke 9:6.
– In the precious name of Jesus, every of our Church locations around the World will start manifesting signs and wonders after this order.

John 14:12. The days of greater works are here.
– May no one among us miss it.
– The days of greater works than He did are here.

May no one among us miss it in the precious name of Jesus.

But it is by the Word that we receive, believe and preach that we command the supernatural. Mark 16:20. They believed what He sent them. 

They received it and they believed it and they went out to preach it and God began to confirm it.
– There shall be diverse humbling confirmations in our lives upon departure from here in the name of Jesus Christ.

It is the Word we receive and believe that puts us in command of the supernatural. It’s so real. There is nothing God shows us in His Word that will not show in our lives.

There is nothing God shows you and me from His Word that will not show in our lives if we truly follow what He says to do.

This evening, I’ll just touch on a few things which I call ‘KEYS TO COMMANDING THE SUPERNATURAL’. We live in a Kingdom that operates on keys. When Peter confessed Christ as Lord and Saviour, He said ‘Neither flesh nor blood has revealed this to you but my Father which is in Heaven and I will give unto you the keys of the Kingdom’. What does that mean? Luke 11:52. 

So, we command whatever God provides for us by having a working knowledge. Not just knowledge, working knowledge. Someone has gone into the university with a master’s in Auto Mechanic, that’s okay but he has not acquired the working knowledge for that trade.

So, he is limited. I’m talking here about the working knowledge of the truth on any subject matter including commanding the supernatural. We need a working knowledge of it.

I was told somewhere on one of our campuses in the Country. Their generator had a problem and they called the Engineering department to come and look at it. They worked and worked and nothing worked. They called the roadside mechanic. He came in, looked at it, started it. He said ‘Wait’. Put one or two things together, the machine started working.

That’s the difference between working knowledge and theoretical knowledge. That’s the clean difference. That there are many B.Sc in Business Administration does not qualify you to succeed in business. You now need to have a working knowledge of the area you are going into. A clean working knowledge.

I was blessed to gain access to the supernatural very early in my Christian life. 3 months after I was born again I had finished reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. I was drunk with the truth contained in it. I was born with tuberculosis. One night, I was under that attack and when I woke up I found out that all the students had moved their beds away from me. 

I appeared like a leper. So, I came out of the room and I said ‘Jesus, if all that I read that you did from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John is true, heal me now’. Sir, He set me free, 1969, I’m still free today. Working knowledge. It’s true, yes. It’s working, yes. It’s working till now, yes. Working knowledge!

One of my cousins came on here before New Year. Now, he was accosted with the spirit of insanity, 1983. So, we were home for a family meeting and they mentioned to me, ‘Oh, your son is sick’ and I said ‘Okay, when we finish family meeting I’ll get there’. I was trading John 1:5. So, I got in there.

He knew me as I entered. He never knew the mother anymore or anybody else. He stood up under that siege of satanic way of helping them up and greeted me. They said ‘You know him?’ He said ‘I know him’. I said ‘Dress him up. Put him in my car. Let me see the devil that will enter my car with me’. He came to me and said ’40 years ago sir, you came to that room when I was in bondage and brought me out’ Put him in the car, drove to my place. Before we got home he had slept. 

Woke up, never again. No trace forever, no medication, no nothing. Now, that’s how the working knowledge of the Word works. That’s what makes the Word work. So, open up. Without the key, access to a door is an uphill task. We need the key to gain access to the treasure in a room. We need the key.


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