Iranian Embassy in Madrid Refutes Cristiano Ronaldo Lash Sentence Rumors


Recent reports circulated alleging that Cristiano Ronaldo had been sentenced to ’99 lashings’ for ‘adultery’ after a heartwarming encounter with Iranian painter Fatemeh Hamami, who is 85 percent paralyzed. The meeting took place during Ronaldo’s visit to Iran last month while he was with Al-Nassr for their AFC Champions League match against Persepolis. However, the Iranian Embassy in Madrid has stepped forward to deny these claims, emphasizing their support for the football superstar’s meeting with the artist.

The Inspiring Meeting:
Cristiano Ronaldo’s visit to Iran in September was not just about football. During his stay, he had a touching encounter with Fatemeh Hamami, an Iranian painter and an avid fan of his. Fatemeh, who is 85 percent paralyzed, presented Ronaldo with a portrait she had painted of him, a heartfelt gesture that moved the football star.

An Emotional Connection:
As they posed for a picture together, Ronaldo’s genuine warmth and empathy shone through as he embraced Fatemeh Hamami. This heartwarming moment, captured in a photograph, quickly garnered attention.

Controversy Erupts:
Reports emerged, citing Mundo Deportivo, that a group of lawyers in Iran had filed a criminal complaint against Ronaldo for hugging a woman who was not his wife. In Iran, such physical contact is considered adultery, and it was alleged that the judicial system swiftly responded by sentencing the 38-year-old athlete to 99 lashes.

Iranian Embassy’s Response:
The Iranian Embassy in Madrid promptly addressed these allegations with a firm denial. In a statement, they stated, “We strongly deny the issuance of any sentence against any international athlete in Iran.” The embassy further expressed concern that these unfounded rumors could detract from more significant issues, such as crimes against humanity and war crimes against the Palestinian population.

Support from Iranian Officials:
The embassy went on to highlight the support Ronaldo received from Iranian officials during his visit. They clarified, “It should be noted that Cristiano Ronaldo traveled to Iran on September 18 and 19 to play in an official soccer match and was very well received by the people and the authorities.” Moreover, they emphasized that his sincere and humane meeting with Fatemeh Hamami received praise and admiration from both the Iranian people and the country’s sports authorities.

The controversy surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo’s alleged lash sentence for hugging an Iranian fan is now debunked by the Iranian Embassy in Madrid.

The embassy’s statement reaffirms the support and warm reception Ronaldo received during his visit to Iran, as well as the admiration for his compassionate interaction with Fatemeh Hamami.

This incident serves as a reminder of the impact of sports in bridging cultural divides and connecting people from different backgrounds.

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