Apostle Joshua Selman

3rd December, 2023
Koinonia Abuja Sunday Service

Excerpts from Message:

◉ Who likes you, can redefine your financial destiny. Who hates you does not matter. (Proverbs 13:20)

◉ Loving Jesus is not a curse and it doesn’t mean suspending common sense. Engage excellence in all your endeavours.

◉ Productivity is the act of packaging and refining your value and converting it into usable and consumable products and services.

◉ You know you are valuable by who is following you and willing to pay for what you can do. If and when you are not valuable, you are either going to be or remain poor.

◉ In the kingdom of God, the way you go upwards, is to give upwards.

◉ The spiritual root or foundational aspect is the vital secret to wealth and abundance. So if God, The Father of all spirits, does not assist you, you are only gathering to scatter.


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