Husband depending on their Praying Wife for Spiritual Coverage


We are told in Scripture how Elohim with a company of Angels visited a couple named Abraham and Sarah at their luxury home.

Elohim had just passed judgement over a fallen city called Sodom and Gomorrah and the Angels were set on their way to carry out the executive order when they decided to pass by the house of a ‘friend’ Abraham.

A FRIEND of God! What a compliment this is, for a husband to be addressed by the Lord of Host as a friend. Oh my!

Dear husbands, before you relegate the duties of prayer and spiritual audacity to your wife.

If you’re a single brother with the goal of marrying a praying woman to cover up for your absence in spiritual places, I need you to see something really intentional here. It is a tradition practiced by the Hosts of heaven in any marriage where a PRIEST is found at the gates.

After the Angel announced that Sarah will be with child, she laughed in unbelief when she heard it, because she was eavesdropping behind the door.

Now this is where it gets powerful.

Sensing that Sarah laughed, the Angels beckoned on their Friend Abraham to take a walk with them away from the house, away from his wife, because there was an urgent matter regarding Sodom that He wanted to share with him, a matter that the faith of his wife cannot carry.

Sir, there are some issues regarding your marital territory that God wants to whisper to you alone as the priest of your home.

There are some inner court matters that needs the presence of the man of the house, no matter how spiritually relevant your wife is, no matter how prayerful she is, sometimes God will need to separate you alone for fellowship to give you a message, a seasoned instruction, or an order.

What is your relationship status with God Sir, can you be called a friend of God and a confidant? Or will you be lazily hidding behind the voice of your wife echoing in Zion.

Will you be found at the gates of your home when Elohim visits with an immeasurable company of Angels? Or will your praying wife be seen in your place?

Arise oh Priest!


There is an army building, an army of Priesthood!

Husbands who will be found at the entrances of their tent as gatekeepers of their home.

Husbands who can recognize and receive the ministry of angels into their home.

Please desire to join this army Sir, be fervant in prayers just as you are desiring a praying wife. There will be times in your marriage where God will separate you unto Himself for fellowship, be the Priesthood in your marriage

Cc Allison Hyacintho.

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