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Someone sent me a DM recently applauding me for my consistency online, and even in engaging with my audience in the comments.

In her words, She said, “how do you do it? With your busy schedule and your fairs.

You’re still showing up online, you’re a mom of three, you’re a wife, you run two businesses, you are hosting fairs ( big one at that) and yet you are still getting so much done for yourself.

Please ma, how do you do it?”

When I saw this, I smiled…

In response to this question, I’ve decided to give you my standard operating procedures, and this has helped me stay safe and get stuff done.

1. At Nellies Nigeria and Naijabrandchick I do not run operations:

And for me to be very active online, I have capable hands that run the operations of my business.

My operations manager has over 10 years experience in building businesses and people, she does it
excellently well and Infact she is more popular offline than me.

2. I am a starter but a terrible finisher:

For me to kill it online and offline I had to draw a SWOT ANALYSIS on me.

I can give you many ideas to start up stuff but naaa I am not a good finisher.

That is why in my hiring process, I look for finishers.

People who make sure everything is perfect to the end. My team members and at Nellies and Naijabrandchick are finishers.

3. I am a master delegator:

You see, I only do what I am best at and delegate the rest. I love to post, but I don’t enjoy replying to DMs (but I still reply to DMs oo).

I love to create recipes but I don’t enjoy baking consistently. So what I did was get people who can handle those.

4. I can follow up like crazy:

While I may not like to do the
work, I will follow up on those who do so they don’t drop the ball.

This has been a skill that has helped me convert sales faster than the average Nigerian business online.

5. I experiment a lot:

I create content on impulse and post and see what timing and what posting works.

That’s why you see me everywhere

6. There are no limits with me;

There is nothing like 3 posts a day on my pages, I post as the spirit leads.

Even in my marketing game, I don’t have limits.

7. I show vulnerability:

People like to help so they will come to your aid if you need one.

Rather than ask google to tell me what is the difference between perfume oil and fragrance oil I asked you all but somebody else is dying to know but will never ask cos he doesn’t want to be called bush.

8. I never owe salary and I add incentives for my staff:

You may think this is a no brainer but there are people who owe badly so staff aren’t motivated to work.

9. Some of my staff earn higher than me:

No, I am not the highest paid in my company because I don’t do the bulk of the work.

This is how I’ve been able to build NELLIES NIGERIA and NAIJA BRAND CHICK.

Sit down and craft your standard operating procedures.

Thank You.


By Matex

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