Are you unemployed? Would you like to begin a business that will bring additional income to your monthly earnings? Why not make an attempt on this business as it has proved to be successful by those who have ventured into it.

This article is prepared to help bead and wire work lovers; an online free training made available to direct on process and traditional designs. It is also for those who would like to make it for themselves, friends and family members either for free or want to make money from it.

One important advantage of bead making is that you don’t need an office before starting this business as you do this in your house. Apart from the resources to start, all that is needed is to get customers for your product. You can do this until you have enough money at hand to get a suitable place for the business. The resources needed would be purchased and you will need a token to get them; within the range of Ten Thousand Naira (10,000).  The expense of getting the beads, wire, hooks and pliers for making one bead should cost you at least the sum of two hundred naira (200). However, after making the dab, you can offer it for at least a thousand naira (1,000) and that is around 80% revenue for you.

To be a successful bead maker, you should take note of the following in starting the business:

  1. Talent: For you to venture into any business that needs your creativity even bead making, you need to ask yourself questions like, am I a creative person, am I passionate about it, do I have a talent for it? These are three major questions you should ask yourself before deciding to go into it. Creativity is what distinguishes your work from others as only your skill can’t go far. While your passion can take you through anything, which will help in creating new and beautiful designs with your beads.
  2. Skill: This is the next thing to look into after you have confirmed that you have are talented or passionate about it. There are training centers made available by professionals where they impact the knowledge of bead making in people. You can attend one of such training centers and get trained or probably meet with someone who is skilled and ask to be trained. Talent is important but cannot suffice alone as you need to acquire skill also.
  3. Clients: Another thing you will need to do is to source for clients when starting the business. You can begin from your neighborhood and your church by starting to make simple beads and you show them to people that you think or know maybe interested. This taken step will actually help you to know interest of people in fashion and style, kinds of beads, wire works, glass beads etc. they like and then begin to make beads in suiting needs of people.
  4. Knowledge: As long as the business has started, you shouldn’t be so contended with the fact that you have the skill and the creativity alone. You should also try to get informed about the trending fashions and styles. Get adequate knowledge on types and designs of beads people are wearing currently. Also, take note that certain styles and designs of the beads you make can be determined by the occasion your customers are attending or what the bead is needed for so as to know the suitable design to make them.

Needed Materials for Making Beads and their Cost

  • Tiger Tail Flexible Beading Wires: This has ten different colors in it and the length is also about 10mm. These wires are made of multiple strands of metal, with a nylon coating that can be colored or clear. The flexible beading wires are suitable for many types of beading projects and are available in a number of different metals and thickness. These wires that come in 10 different colors cost N3200.
  • Lobster Claw Clasp: This is known as a hook used at the tip of finished work to hold the bead to the neck. In nylon, there are about 100pieces well packed and comes mostly in gold, silver and bronze. This just cost a thousand naira (N1000).
  • Wire Cutters: This cutter is used to cut different types of wires, wires for bead making. Cost is Three Thousand Naira (N3000).
  • Bead Design Board: This board has sections for holding beads and long rows marked with measurement used in laying out designs. Cost is N2000.
  • Chain Nose Plier: It has a long narrow flat jaw that can grasp and also to hold wires without marking it. It cost Two Thousand, Three Hundred Naira (N2300).
  • Tape Measure: This is basically used to measure the customer’s neck for proper neck line. It costs just a token; N500.
  • Beads (Woods, Clay, Glass etc.): This may be found in many diversity, colors, materials, shapes and sizes. In a container is about a thousand beads and cost N3000.
  • Packs for Beads: This is used for packaging finished beads for customers and they come either in nylon packs or carton packs. The nylon packs contains 100 pieces while the carton pack contains 50 pieces but both cost a Thousand Naira.

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