How Nigerian business owners are selling massively on Tiktok


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So yesterday in one of my posts, someone commented and said, “there’s nothing you won’t see on Nelly’s page, thank you ma for the value”.

She was referring to a post I made using a popular energy drink as a case study.

Yesss, I try as much as I can to use everything and anything relatable to ensure we get the gists.

Phew, I’m here again with another one….

I’ll be using the Lagos Traffic to show you how TikTok big boyz are making more sales in their business.

If you live in Lagos or you’re very conversant with the mega city you will realise this singular fact.

There’s HEAVY TRAFFIC in Lagos!!!

Except for now that the subsidy has been removed, people are now in their houses.

Then!!! In the early hours of the morning especially if you’re on the mainland…

And you live in areas close to the third mainland bridge like the Bariga and Yaba axis.

Around 4am, you’ll be seeing trickles of cars passing as though nothing is about to happen.

Buttt, when it’s towards 5am, 5:30am, the whole road becomes blocked.

You’ll just wonder, where are these cars coming from?

You’d agree with me that the traffic is always heavy in the early hours of the morning (between 5am to 8am) and the night hours (between 7pm to 11pm).

This is Lagos traffic for you!!!

Now on TikTok there is a lot of traffic, I mean lots of them!!!

But this traffic is not on all times (this is why you post and you don’t get much views as you’d want on your content)

The traffic is always at specific times of the day.

The rule isn’t post when you like on TikTok. It’s post when there’s a traffic jam!!

You can find this heavy traffic times when you search for the consumer behaviour on the app.

TikTok has this feature that shows you your behaviour on the app, the days you’re most active and the times you’re most active on the platform.

If you check yours now, it could be that you’re most active on Thursday by 9pm…

The big boyz know this, they’ve discovered that more people are scrolling TikTok between 8pm to 10pm.

So, just as the guy hawking gala or plantain chips on Lekki traffic comes out at night to hawk his products.

These big boyz post their videos at this time so they can be able to amass the pull of traffic on the streets of TikTok.

With this, they get more views, more eyeballs on their products, and some of them always have a CTA at the end of their videos.

They give you value, you enjoy yourself, then they sell to you, if you were in the buying mode, you’d be so excited to click the buy button.

This is their strategy, they’ve understood the Lagos traffic analysis and they’re using it to pack money on TikTok.

For you Folake, on this platform you’re reading this my content now, do you know the heavy-traffic-times.

I know mine across all platforms, and I’m using it to my advantage.

Find yours and use it to pack lots of sales for your business.

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