How do I prepare for Shiloh 2023? Preparing for Divine Encounter at Shiloh


What is really special about Shiloh 2023?

Take a look at the scripture Matthew 20:1-20, everyone that worked from the 1st to the 11th hour was paid a PENNY. That is to show that settlement is done on the 12th Hour which is the 12th month of the year.

In Genesis 49:10, God said that The scepter [of royalty] shall not depart from Judah, Nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, Until Shiloh [the Messiah, the Peaceful One] comes, And to Him shall be the obedience of the peoples(Gen 49:10-12).

Shiloh is indeed a prophetic annual gathering of the Winners chapel (Living Faith Church) which was founded by God through his servant, Bishop David Oyedepo, it has been a mountain of liberation and transformation for the life and destiny of many.

The Liberation mandate was the assignment God gave his servant, Bishop David Oyedepo, which is targeted at the liberation of the lives and destiny of people, from the oppression of the devil. Shiloh has been a major platform via which the liberation mandate speaks, the power of liberation is always made manifest in every shiloh program, and that os 2023, will not be an exception. God has spoken through his servant and tagged it “Redeemed to flourish in hard times” this is what God is set to do, and he will be handing over to his power through the power of his word, what it takes for them to flourish in hard times. God is not a man that will lie nor a son of man that will repent of his word, whatsoever he promises, he will do, because he is God.

This season, God is set to open up the destiny of his people and decorate them in glory, come expectant and see the wonder working power of God at work in the meeting, God will visit you and put an end to age long battles and barriers of life and Destiny.

It is important that we note that Shiloh is a major encounter platform with God, but God visit his people at Shiloh, basically by his word, his word is his instrument of transformation, as we see it in the scriptures; 1 Sam 3:21 – And the LORD continued to appear at Shiloh, because there He revealed Himself to Samuel by His word.

So come a heart that is open to receive the word of God, the testimonies over the years at Shiloh as always been characterizes with encounter by the word of God, people caught the word of God and it changes their levels per time, it impact on their destiny positively, Shiloh is a feast of the word, so you must be willing to receive the word of the Lord. Another important preparation you should have at the back of your mind for Shiloh 2023, is that you must be conscious to God’s speaking to you, God will be speaking through the mouth of his servants and also speaking by his spirit to you directly, so you must be willing and open to receive that which God is saying, this call for spiritual alertness and sharpness, even if you don’t know the voice of God or how to hear God correctly, under that cloud of Glory at Shiloh, the voice of the Lord will reach out to you, because when Saul came into the midst of the prophets, he began to prophesy.

 Lastly, Shiloh is a mountain of Kingdom Blessing, fortune, wealth and prosperity, without any contradiction, Winners chapel is a commission that stands to represent the endless possibility of GOD’S GRACE for kingdom prosperity and financial fortune, there are projects ongoing in billions of Naira in the commission and yet they never begged or borrow from any bank, Bishop Oyedepo as made it clear that in this commission, we don’t borrow, it is forbidden for those in the covenant to borrow, and that grace speaks in volume without any iota of doubt today, fortunately there is always a seed sowing part of Shiloh annual ingathering and that is the shiloh sacrifice, it as became a major avenue via which many people connect to the prosperity unction at work in Winners chapel and in the life of God’s servant, Bishop Oyedepo, who is the apostle over the commission, he always pour out a heartfelt prophetic declaration and blessings upon the people of God especially at the end of the Shiloh event and the testimonies always abound endlessly.

Prepare your heart to encounter the Grace of God at work in Winners Chapel, through this platform of Shiloh 2023. There are few things you should put in place as you prepare yourself for this prophetic event, you definitely want to get a special notebook for Shiloh where you will capture the sermons and also the instruction that is coming from the altar and directly from God to you that pertains to your life. Other necessary preparations you should make as been documented below;

What to expect in the next Shiloh Encounter
1. Expect Divine Settlement
2. Expect Victory over your adversaries. Before your blessings will come, someone must be pushed aside (Esther 9:1-5)
3. Expect unusual favors in High places. (Esther 9:1-5)
4. Expect deliverance from captivity and the restoration of your dignity (Jeremiah 52:31)

What to expect in the mountain of Shiloh
1. Its a mountain of divine visitation (1st Samuel 3:21)
2. It’s an altar of empowerment.
3. It’s a mountain of answered prayers.
4. Its a mountain of supernatural declaration that provokes supernatural breakthroughs

How can I prepare myself for an encounter?
1. Be highly Expectant. God visited Isaac the first time but there (Genesis 28). In Genesis 32:22-24, Isaac crossed his wives and handmaids to the other side of the river to be alone – Because he was Expectant. Prov 24:14, the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off
2. Prepare yourself (Luke 14:18)
3. Sanctify yourself.
4. Be ready to Inconvenience yourself. (Genesis 28:11) – Jacob Inconvenienced himself in the desert and God appeared to him.


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