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This was the exact question I got yesterday, after sharing the content on being in the spotlight.

Yesss, getting an A-list Influencer to mention you for free or for a fee automatically puts you in the spotlight.

You’ve seen stories of how people’s businesses turned around because of one mention of an amazing influencer in this space.

You read the story of Ola of Lagos on this my page, on how Tunde Ednut posted him and that was it.

You’ve seen that one repost from an influencer can change the trajectory of your business.

I won’t lie, it feels good to have a free mention from an influencer?

Like no paid ads, just free publicity!

Something anyone will appreciate right now.

Below is the confirmed strategy to get any Influencer mention for FREE on any sosha medium app.

1. You Need To Find The Right Influencer:

Getting free Influencer mention should be strategic because you need it for your business growth and visibility.

So you need to ask yourself these questions.

Does this influencer have your target market?

Do they connect with your brand values?

Can you find your customers on their page?

When you’ve found your favourite influencer do this;

2. Get Them To Notice You:

For an Influencer with so many followers to notice you, you need to consistently show up on their feed in the right way.

Do you comment intelligently on their posts? Please not, “I got value”, “Thanks”, “Word”, etc.

Do you reshare their content? Do you ask people to follow them? Do you talk about them in your “valuable content” and tag them intentionally?

Do you show genuine interest in their person? How do you show support?

3. Appreciate Them:

So, you’ve done your bit to get yourself noticed.

Reach out to them directly via an email or a direct message.

Remember, politeness and good manners can go a long way.

So, it’s a good idea to begin the conversation by appreciating their work. If you like a particular post, tell them what you like about it.

If you have testimonial/feedback on how their brand has helped yours talk about it with them.

Influencers always like to get feedback and affirmations about their work.

4. Stay Consistent At Being Good At What You Do.

If you’ve done the other three well, you should have gotten your free mention by now.

But to ice the cake, be exceptionally great at what you do.

Cos now that they’ve noticed you, they’ll unconsciously be looking out for you.

Anyday you drop a content that carries a bombshell, you’ll definitely get a repost from them.

No influencer reposts your work on the first day of seeing you, they’ve been observing you for a while.

The people I give free mentions, I didn’t just see them that day, I’ve been observing their work for a while.

Then one day, I was moved to let it out. And that was it.

Between! Nbc TradeFair IBADAN is this weekend. I’m calling on you to come and join us as we make the people of IBADAN smile.

Your support has gone a long way, it will always go a long way.

Thank You.

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