Vice President (Education Commission), Living Faith Church Worldwide.

We celebrate your life and thank God for His faithfulness to you. Thank you for all you do in the Body of Christ and for being an excellent example in all things. Thank you for loving and holding the hand of God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo in the work God has called him to do.

Thank you for laying your life down for the advancement of God’s Kingdom and being a model of Christlikeness unto us. We pray for you that God will bless you with divine strength and good health. May all that you do prosper.

We pray for you that God will continue to hold you by His grace and mercy. May you continually enjoy the evidence of the great hand of God at work in your life and household. As you have been a blessing to many lives in diverse ways, so shall your life continue to overflow with the blessings of God.

Congratulations and God’s multiplied blessings
From all of you at winners chapel.


By Matex

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