How To Stream NSPPD 7am Morning Prayer (by Pastor Jerry Eze)


Unlocking the Power of New Season Prayers and Prophetic Declarations [NSPPD] with Pastor Jerry Eze


New Season Prayers and Prophetic Declarations (NSPPD) is a daily prayer program led by the inspirational Pastor Jerry Eze. This powerful initiative, which has captured the hearts of millions around the world, is streamed live on various social media platforms. NSPPD operates under the umbrella of Streams of Joy International Church, where Pastor Jerry Eze serves as the lead pastor.

The Birth of NSPPD: NSPPD had its humble beginnings during the challenging COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. Initially, it served as a platform for Bible series teachings. However, it later evolved into a daily prayer session. The primary goal was to provide encouragement and hope to people during the lockdown period. Unexpectedly, the trajectory of NSPPD shifted when reports began to emerge that individuals with COVID-19 were experiencing miraculous recoveries through their participation in this prayer program.


The Remarkable Growth of NSPPD: Gradually, the viewership of New Season Prayers and Prophetic Declarations began to skyrocket. Signs and wonders began to accompany each session of Pastor Jerry Eze’s live stream. Today, NSPPD stands as the most popular and widely attended online prayer program in the world. An astounding 244 million participants from different continents bear witness to its influence and impact.

How to Participate in Pastor Jerry Eze NSPPD Live Stream: If you’re eager to join Pastor Jerry Eze’s live stream today, it’s never been easier. You can access the live stream on your smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world. Below, we provide a list of platforms where you can catch Pastor Jerry’s morning prayer:

  1. Pastor Jerry Eze Live on Facebook
  2. Pastor Jerry Eze Live on Instagram
  3. Pastor Jerry Eze Live on YouTube
  4. NSPPD Live Stream on Mixlr
  5. or @Streamsofjoy on various social media platforms

NSPPD Schedule: Pastor Jerry Eze’s online prayer program typically commences at 7:00 am West African Time each day. The live stream usually lasts for an average of 2 hours. During this time, people from around the world connect via social media to partake in the New Season Prayers and Prophetic Declarations, right from the heart of Nigeria. It has proven to be a truly refreshing experience in the presence of God.

How to Submit Your Prayer Request to NSPPD: Submitting your prayer request to NSPPD is a straightforward process. You can follow this LINK to send your request to Pastor Jerry, or you can email it directly to [email protected]. At Streams of Joy International Church, the belief is that “What God cannot do does not exist.” Therefore, do not hesitate to forward your prayer request to Pastor Jerry Eze today.

NSPPD Testimonies: Numerous individuals have attested to the incredible miracles that have unfolded in their lives following their participation in the Streams of Joy morning prayer. Pastor Jerry Eze frequently shares these awe-inspiring testimonies on his social media platforms to inspire and uplift those who may still doubt the power of God.

Over the years, God has used Pastor Jerry Eze to heal terminal diseases, restore hearing to deaf ears, restore sight to blind eyes, and even raise the dead. His unwavering commitment to praying for the deliverance of people is evident in his aggressive approach.

When God performs a miracle in your life during Pastor Jerry Eze‘s morning prayer, consider filling out the testimony form on the official website. By sharing your testimony, you have the opportunity to encourage and uplift others who may be facing their own challenges. Your testimony will be proudly showcased on all social media platforms associated with the church, further spreading the message of hope and faith.


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