Energy Efficient Management Business Plan Template


This sector of the economy is a business area that has witnessed increase in investments over the years. However, part of the reason might be connected with the fact that the world has witnessed and still does in experiencing increase in preference for options yet efficient sources of energy, there has been a corresponding increase in innovative ways of managing it. Entrepreneurs who are interested in investing into this sector are likely to encounter challenges associated with providing a good business plan. Relax, this article provide you a sample to work with.

An entrepreneur who desires a unique energy efficiency management business plan can follow the guideline below.

Business Plan Example in DOC, PDF and EXCEL Format

Table of Contents (Energy Efficiency Management Business Plan)

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Market Analysis/Trends
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Target Market
  • Publicity and Advertising Strategies
  • Sales Projection
  • Payment Channels

Executive Summary

Smart Energy Solutions is an energy efficiency management company based in Nigeria. Our services majorly to customers consist of advisory services which are targeted at getting maximum efficiency in energy management. Others include proffering solutions to energy wastages through designs that do not act as pollutions to the environment, drawing recommendations and increased energy efficiency through fruitful utilization of energy.

Products and Services

At our place, we offer varieties of services depending on the structure presented or at hand but they all include cost effective solutions that are environmentally friendly. These services are made available for clients with either new or existing structures or both. For the existing structures, we would re-directing the already existing energy management designs into new and creative energy efficiency management, guarantying that such structures achieves maximum energy efficiency.



Our Vision

Our focus at Smart Energy Solutions is to attain impressive stages of growth through total dedication to service and also making available the best and adequate energy efficiency management services to our customers with the aim of achieving strong growth levels which will enable us to be among the top 5 energy efficiency management firms in Nigeria.

Our Mission

Our operations are targeted at establishing a capable business that will involved in the provision of the newest and most advanced energy efficient services using schemes that are able to redefine the management operations. We will be building a strong brand name to attract patronage and satisfaction of clients through our dedication and unrelenting client support in addition to the best services made available.

Market Analysis

In recent times, there have been a continuous increase of new firms of same service into this sector and this can be linked partly to an increasing awareness among the users of energy and the need to save the environment through the use of efficient alternatives that are not harmful to the environment. Also, the strategy of cost-effectiveness has also made it attractive continuously for energy users to save cost through use of efficient energy management alternatives apart from the efficiency in utilization of energy that is achieved.

Competitive Advantage

At Smart Energy Solution, we discovered that our competitors have said little or nothing about the economic impacts of their designs due to their major focus which is the benefits their designs have on the environment. This area is to be leveraged on properly ensuring that we present the economic benefits apart from the environmental impacts our designs have.

Introducing the economic the angle will be of great help in attracting customers who not only want to save the environment alone but also minimizing cost. Also, we plan having a well strategized and motivated workforce that will make sure services provided are of the best quality.

Target Market

Our target market due to the fact that we are specialized in nature will be focused on building professionals and specialists involved in the design and implementation of structural projects of which the architects are the major stakeholders in structural constructions. These ones will be our secondary targets due to the essential nature of the services they render to the design and construction industry. Their advice will be welcomed by their customers.

We also plan targeting individual customers who might want their structures to be environmentally friendly and compliant. Hence, our service is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.

Publicity and Advertising Strategies

Strategies to be used will cover a wide range of options which includes the use of print and electronic media, organising shows to display our services to probable clients, printing and distribution of fliers and handbills, use of social media tools in which all are targeted at making sure that our services reach a large portion of the society.

Sales Projection

Smart Energy Solutions have been able to come up with sales estimations from the research carried out by applying the latest trend in this industry which aims at helping our revenue achieve a healthy and strong growth within the first 2 years of kick starting operations. However, this research condones economic recession.

Payment Channels

We have laid down various modes of channels to be implemented so as to ensure that our customers; both intending and existing ones, do not face difficulties in making payments for services subscribed to. Among the wide channels of payment will be; acceptance mobile transfers, cash payments, POS machine amongst others.


This business plan template is prepared simply to act as a guide in helping entrepreneurs to properly write out business plans. It is so simple and straight forward and all that is needed to be done is to try coming up with their outstanding realities in the business while following the format in this article.

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