Dunamis HomeChurch Manual: The Love Circle /Feast 


6.00pm– 7.00 pm                                                                                                                  Saturday 23rd September, 2023.

FOCUS: The Love Circle /Feast


The Love Circle


The brethren shall surround one person at a time and release love, good will and positive declarations – Acts 14:20



The brethren shall decree against every sudden arrow of destruction and calamity and send them back to their senders (while surrounding one another) – Isaiah 54:17.



Prophetic Words From Our Father In The Lord (Dr, Pst Paul Enenche)



1. You shall not be cut short before your time. The spirit of premature death is arrested in your life!


2. The Blessing of Divine Preservation – No devil shall harass and molest you. You shall not be vulnerable to the attack of the devil.


3. The Blessing of Divine Health and Wholeness – Every arrow of strange disease and sudden health attack is retrieved and refired back to hell


4. The Blessing of Peace, Tranquillity and Calmness – Every battle and crisis around your life, today

I declare it dismantled in the Name of Jesus


5. The Blessing of Divine Direction – Everyone at the junction of direction, direction is released to you right now. Confusion is arrested in the Name of Jesus


6. The Blessing of Supernatural Supplies – Everything that is yours in this season shall enter into

your hands. Systems are put under pressure, they lose their sleep, peace and rest, until what is yours enters your hands.


7. The Blessing of Spiritual Intensity – The fire to serve God is released upon you


8. The Blessing of Godliness and Righteousness – May it be easy for you to live for God, to

please God; The grace to live for God with your life, receive that grace right now!


9. The Blessing for the Fulfilment of Destiny – You shall not be a destitute. The devil shall not molest your life and destroy your destiny.


The Love Feasts


Brethren are expected to come with food and drink to share with one another



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