Dr Paul Enenche on THE VALUE OF LIGHT at DIGC Warri Central Apostolic Invasion







– Dr Pastor Paul Enenche on THE VALUE OF LIGHT at DIGC Warri Central Apostolic Invasion / Glory Sanctuary Dedication LIGHT HAS COME 22nd September 2023 || Part A

In the season where we are in, we are dealing on a general subject that is titled, “LIGHT HAS COME.” Isaiah 60:1. Tonight, under this subject we shall be speaking on, “THE VALUE OF LIGHT.”

Our objective is two fold:

1. Understanding how valuable light is to our lives
2. Understanding the way of light.

I want to make it clear tonight that light is very critical to man’s life existence on the Earth. Light for example the Sunlight is the anchor.

Everything from mammals, to birds, life can actually shut down without light. Food in the refrigerator will be going stale, inability to handle several things when light is actually not there. You understand that the major difference between the developed nations and the under developed nations is light. When nations are in front and others are behind, power, apart from corruption and other things, is a major factor.

As it is in the physical, so it is in the spiritual. Very soon I will talk about spiritual light, what light represents in the spiritual realm.

How valuable is light?

1. Light is valuable for sight. We see by light. The absence of light is the challenge of sight.

Know that when they say the eye is getting blind it means it’s not responsive to light anymore. No matter how good your eye is, in the thickness of darkness it is hard to see anything. Light is valuable for sight.

2. We saw that light is the cure for the night. Everywhere light appears, night answers. The night can be night until there is light. When we talk about night we are referring to darkness -the forces of darkness, of the enemy, they bow for light. The light of God and the light of his Word.

3. Light is the fuel for faith because light arrests fear. Fear normally hides under the cover of darkness, light is the answer for faith. Light handles fear, brings clarity and clarity brings faith because we only doubt when things are not clear.
So we’ve seen light for sight, light handling the night, light fueling our faith. Today we are looking at the fourth value for light:

4. Light is the fuel for strength and might: Isaiah 60:1. The power to rise is connected from light. You may be in a grounded position and you’re unable to rise up in life, but when light comes, men rise.

The strength to rise whether from a grounded position or from a lying position or sitting position is acquired by light.
– I prophesy to somebody here today, Everything that has grounded your life, made your life on the same spot and you’re so weak to move and so weak to achieve anything in life, I decree today, light is coming and you are rising!

Later on you’re going to see that the Word of God equals light. John 1:1-3. So the Word of God is light so if you see the Word you can put light.

1 John 2:14. You are strong because light abideth in you. The arrival of light is the arrival of strength. You cannot be considered a weakling if you’re not lacking in light.

Let’s look at some physical examples:
Look at the Sunlight: the sunlight is responsible for physical strength. There is, out of the sunlight, the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight is relevant in Vitamin D manufacturing cholecalciferol that is relevant in bone formation. So a deficiency of it will lead to brittle bones and lead to rickets in most cases.

So at times, doctors will prescribe for a rickety child to take time in the Sun because the strength of the bone comes from the Sun.

The sunlight is needed for the formation of the bone.

Now look at the reptiles, the lizards, in the morning it comes outside and is just lying on the floor where there is no sun. If you try to touch it, it just remains there. Until the rays of the Sun arrives and impact it with energy and alacrity…and all of a sudden the lizard moves because it’s unable to move until the light has impacted it. So there is something light does with strength. 

You cannot be a weak man or woman, you cannot be weak spiritually if you’re connected to spiritual light and I want to let you know, I have come here tonight by God’s grace with light. What you’re hearing now is light and I announce today, every trace of weakness, powerlessness, lethargy disappears by this light!
– For somebody here today the days of your weakness are over!

When you get light you get strength and when you get strength you’re unable to faint before battle. Proverbs 24:10. If your strength is small, little things will push you down, make you cry. Little devils will make you turn your back and be on the run. But if your strength is not small, you’re not permitted to faint and if your light is not small, your strength cannot be small and if your strength is not small you cannot faint or fail in front of any devil.

It is strength that you use to turn battles to the gate of the enemy. Isaiah 28:5. When you have strength, God makes you to turn the battle of your father’s house to the gates of the enemy. Where your life is no longer the battle ground, where the enemy’s gate is the battle ground.
– By the strength of the Word you are hearing now, your life ceases to be a battle ground!

5. Light is the fuel for flight: light is connected to flight. Have you ever seen a very very big rocket fire to the moon? When you see it going up what do you see at the back of it? Fire! Enough fire, enough light. That fire powers its flight until it escapes the gravitational pull of the Earth. The things that pushes people down can’t push it because what is pushing it is bigger. Isaiah 60:1, 8. 

They got light in verse one and they were flying in verse 8. Light makes for flight. Flight is a combination of acceleration and elevation. You’re running and rising. Flight makes you to have speed and height. Galatians 2:2. There are people seated here today, by the light you are receiving now, you’re about to take flight!
Lift your right hand say, “in the name of Jesus, I am about to fly by light, I shall fly by light!”

You know when Peter took flight? When Jesus said in Matthew 15:13-16, “who do men say that I the son of man am?” Peter said, “thou art Christ the Son of the Living God.” (Illustrating) Jesus said, all of you have tried when you say I am Jeremiah, Elijah. I am not far from them because we are all in the ministry, we are all spiritual. 

But this is the only one that got it with accuracy and my Father in Heaven gave him light and because of that light I set you apart and I move you to a higher pedestal – “thou art Peter and upon this revelation, this rock, I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail…” Light will set you apart; step you up in life, destiny, ministry.
– I announce to you today, by the light you are receiving God is setting you apart from your contemporaries!


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