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In his sermon “Deliver Us from Evil“, Apostle Joshua Selman spoke about the nature of evil and how Christians can overcome it. He began by defining evil as “anything that is contrary to the will of God.” He then went on to say that evil is not just a spiritual force, but also a physical force. He said that evil can manifest itself in our thoughts, words, and actions.

Apostle Selman then spoke about how Christians can overcome evil. He said that the first step is to recognize that evil exists. He said that we cannot fight what we do not know about. He then went on to say that we need to resist evil. He said that this means standing up to evil and refusing to give in to it.

Apostle Selman also spoke about the importance of prayer. He said that prayer is our weapon against evil. He said that when we pray, we are calling on God to intervene in our lives and protect us from evil.

Finally, Apostle Selman spoke about the importance of fellowship. He said that we need to be surrounded by other believers who can support us in our fight against evil. He said that when we are together, we are stronger.

Apostle Joshua Selman’s sermonDeliver Us from Evil” is a powerful reminder of the reality of evil and the importance of overcoming it. His message is one of hope and encouragement, and it is a message that is needed in our world today.

Here are some key points from the sermon:

  • Evil is real and it is a threat to our lives.
  • We can overcome evil by recognizing it, resisting it, praying against it, and being in fellowship with other believers.
  • We have the victory over evil through Jesus Christ.


“`Koinonia Abuja Sunday Service“`

19th February 2023
Apostle Joshua Selman
When you walk through open doors, endeavor to prepare and fortify yourself with the requisite knowledge needed.
There will be battles that you must learn how to fight until you win, or else some doors will become a curse to you.
A believer must be equipped with the intelligence to navigate the challenges that come with open doors.
The flesh is so vicious in its operations that it reveals itself in different levels of life, according to your growth.

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